Erica Barnett: The Stranger’s Gay Male Pride Issue

Joseph Hughes: More from the “progressive” Air America

Pam Spaulding: Mitt’s Utah finance chair slapped with abuse, molestation lawsuits

Rock_Ninja: Oh, What A Tangled Interweb We Weave…

As always, please feel free to use as a blogwhoring thread.


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8 responses to “Read-Ems

  1. I have a new blog called Yazoo Street Scandal. My old blog, Waffle Ass, got sick and died. Please check out my new site!

  2. My “visits” tally just broke the four digit mark (I know, that’s like fifteen minutes worth here at Shakesville – but it makes me happy). My thanks to all o’ ye!

    Oh, and Happy Solstice!

  3. Amy talks about Freeganism, Bradley defends the gay bomb, Emily asks “WTF Cheney?” and I, well, I’ve got a story about a dud who asked a cop for directions while carrying a blunt behind his ear. And some YouTube.

  4. tas

    Over in Sugar Land, I’m Dreaming about a “liberal” media which doesn’t purposely stage questions to the military with the intention of pumping out political propaganda from the White House, so claims a former Marines junior officer who talks about just how accomodating the media were to him at Centcom during the run up to the Iraq war.

  5. Thanks for the shoutout!

  6. Melissa McEwan

    My pleasure. đŸ™‚

  7. Have you heard that Bill O’Reilly is an asshat?

    Oh, you did? Well, he still is.

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