Daily Round-Up

Melissa: Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

Mustang Bobby: Thou Shalt Not Honk

Space Cowboy: Umm…Come Again, Tony?

Wolfie: Digby Revealed: “How can you not be angry?”

Melissa: Blog Note

Litbrit: Food Safety Issues, Toxic Toys, and a Regulatory System in Disarray

Wolfie: A Little Scooter Libby Fantasy

Melissa: What’s the truth about a rape and murder when you’ve got a reputation to protect?

Jeff: You are Gonna Tell Me What I Wanna Know, it’s Just a Matter of How Much You Want it to Hurt.

Melissa: Wednesday Blogwhoring

Wolfie: I Find It Very, Very Easy to be True

Melissa: “This is for all the fat girls.”

Jeff: Insulting to Men and Women Alike

Melissa: He’s a Uniter

Phil: Best Care Anywhere

Jeff: And That Time I Didn’t Stab You to Death? Two Words: No Problem.

Kate: One More Reason to Love The Onion

Kathy: Democracy, I’m Your Biggest Fan

Melissa: Santorum! the Musical

Melissa: Umbumumbilical Cords and Spina Bifidada

Melissa: Question of the Day

Jeff: Come to Israel, Where the Soldiers are Hot, and the Nights are Hotter…


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