Am I reading The Independent or the muthafuckin’ Onion?!

Actual freaking headline: Blair in line for UN role as Middle East envoy

The White House revealed yesterday that Tony Blair and George Bush have discussed the outgoing Prime Minister taking on a UN role as Middle East envoy.

A spokesman for the US President said the two leaders had considered the possibility of Mr Blair acting as a peace envoy role for the Middle East Quartet, comprising the US, the UN, Russia and the European Union.

To quote Grumpy Old Man, who forwarded this mess to me, “Is this supposed to be ironic or what? The man who helped Bush lie us into this terrible fucked up war as a peace envoy to the Middle East?!”

What. the. Poop. What else can one say?

The Independent notes that the position “would give Mr Blair a central role in efforts to secure peace between Israel and the Palestinians,” and that it has “been vacant since the former World Bank chief James Wolfensohn quit the post in April last year.” Well, good to see we’ve really been keeping our eye on the ball on that one. It’s like we’re trying to spread democracy over there without a butter knife. Eh, just use your fingers.

Meanwhile, I’m glad to see that the ad I did for Tony Blair’s “faith healing business” got the old boy some work.



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8 responses to “Am I reading The Independent or the muthafuckin’ Onion?!

  1. Who knew H. Ulysses Zweibel would turn out to be Citizen Kane 🙂

  2. Was Bill Clinton overqualified?

  3. oddjob

    A more perfect position for Blair I could not imagine. Does he get to spend his retirement faithfully at the heel of his master Shrub, too?

  4. I become convinced that Bush thinks of everything as an enormous practical joke. How he convinced Blair to be one of his regular stooges, I will never understand.

  5. I ceased to be amazed by stuff like this the day Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize.

  6. amish451

    “…at the heel of his master …..”

    Didja ever see one of those dogs that thinks heel means plant your doggie nose squarely in the crack of your masters arse …? Sorry, just the visual that came to mind …

  7. “Yo, Blair! Go clean up that mess in the Middle East. Then rub my feet.”

  8. Ha! I had the same reaction when I read the news, but I love that ad. Really, why the hell is anyone in the Middle East going to be eager to see Blair?

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