Wednesday Blogwhoring

Sock it to me, Shakers.

Recommended Reading:

Chris Cillizza: Mike Bloomberg: Registered Independent (And August on Bloomie.)

Steve Benen: PBS Airs Special It Knows to be False

Echidne: Effete, Effeminate, and at Risk of Emasculation

John Rogers: Kiss Me, I’m Sadr-ish!

BlackWomb: Can you teach people you do not love?

Aspazia: Dads Want to Spend More Time With Kids: Feminism to the Rescue



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8 responses to “Wednesday Blogwhoring

  1. I celebration of the publication of my new book, The Grateful Dead and Philosophy, we consider whether there is anything to be learned about the questions of intellectual property, authorship, and ownership from the Deadhead tapers’ ethic. After all, sometimes you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

  2. More on Men and Feminism, this time on cheating and the crappy way self-help books blame the women and infantilize the men.

  3. Makeup for girls. Like little girls, ages 6-12. With a little added something about why Barbie and Bratz aren’t in my daughter’s toy box.

  4. DBK

    The State of Public Discourse. France is doing much better than we are and our pundidiots are useless and the natives are getting restless.

  5. What Fred Thompson’s candidacy means for GOP chances in 2008.

    And spyderkl, I’ll click your link, but I won’t read it. My blood pressure is high enough today.

  6. This is not really blog-whoring, but I thought y’all would like to read this article in the Nashville Scene about how hearing Teh Gay Music will warp your feeble little minds while grocery shopping:

    According to, their PAC contributed 95% to
    Republicans and only 5% to Democrats.

    Shocking, I know!

    [I hope I did the URLs correctly…I’m still a newbie to commenting on blogs.]

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