Question of the Day

Okay, we’ve done this one before, but not for a long time, and it’s always so. much. fun…

What movie title, replacing only a single word with the name “Bush,” best sums up the Bush administration to you? For example: Bush Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

My favorite is Fun with Dick and Bush, because it also incorporates Darth Cheney and has the added benefit of sounding dirty.

Also feel free to come up with a more specific reference, like, “My most fervent hope for the Bush administration: Bush, Interrupted.

[Warning: Once you start, it quickly becomes addictive!]



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69 responses to “Question of the Day

  1. MAJeff

    The occupation should be renamed The Adventures of Bush, Queen of the Desert.

  2. Don’t need to change any words:


  3. Any Which Way but Bush:

  4. The Bush Horror Picture Show

  5. SAP

    The Adventures of Georgie Munchausen

  6. SAP

    ummm, that didn’t have “Bush” in it …

    wait, I’ll think of another one …

  7. The Manchurian Bush. Okay, it might be better if we culd make it Saudi or al Qaeda or something other than Manchurian, but you get the idea, right?

  8. I have several:

    Regarding the lead-up to the war and just about everything else: Bush Fiction.

    The conflation of the Religious Reich with the administration and the question that was on Jerry Falwell’s lips as he died: Is Bush Burning?

    And then there’s the occult genre: Midnight in the Garden of Bush and Evil.

    How about his excuse for the war on terra: The Lord of the Bush: The Two Towers.

    I’m sure I’ll be back with more…

  9. Incertus, that would be Bush of Arabia if you’re going for the oil connection…

  10. MAJeff

    A Dirty Bush

    Bush Trouble

    Desperate Bush

    Pink Bush

    This has been the John Waters edition.

  11. Allie

    A Fish Called Bush?

  12. 10 Things I Hate About Bush.

  13. Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    What else? BUSH WARS, starring Darth Cheney.

  14. Jeff

    I’ll bend the rules a little bit…we could make a movie about Jenna and NotJenna on Spring Break. It would be titled “Children of a Lesser Clod”

  15. choco chip kooky

    Bush Crimes and Misdemeanors.

  16. Gone with the Bush.

    Bush Gardens. (heh)

    Bush of the Dead.

    Something about Bush

    Attack of the 50 foot Bush

  17. “Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-up Bush” …

  18. Fritz

    Bush II: The Electric Boogaloo

    It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Bush

    Bushed Up

    Son of the Bush

    You Got Bushed

    Battlefield Bush

    Bush Academy: Mission to Baghdad

  19. My daughter said “Bush got Fingered”

    Are we Bush Yet?

    The good, the Bad and the Bush

    Fist full of Bush


    The best little Bush in Texas.

  20. Jeff

    Fuck Lemony Snickets….how about “George Bush and a Series of Unfortunate Events”?

  21. NeenerNeener

    The Unbearable Lightness of Bush

    Close Encounters of the Bush Kind

  22. Jeff

    “Every Which Way but Jeb?”

  23. Jeff

    Rename “Rosemary’s Baby” “Barbara’s Baby”….exact same friggin storyline. Either that, or “Damien, the Omen II” to “Bush, the Omen II”

  24. Jeff

    “Whatever Happened to Baby George?”

  25. Susan

    Night of the Living Bush
    Cry Bushy [Baby]
    The Bush Witch Project

  26. Jeff

    “Kill George, Volume I”

  27. Jeff

    “Au revoir, les Buisson”

  28. Jeff

    “Walker, Texas Danger”

  29. (from the crappy jim carey movie liar, liar)

    bush, liar

    of course you wouldn’t even have to insert the name bush into a remake of 10,000 corpses

    all you would need to do is reshoot in the streets of bagdhad and new orleans

    or the paul newman/redford picture butch cassidy

    you could have

    butch cassidy and the sundance bush

    or (and this is tough because i love,love,love the marx brothers)

    monkey business (and this only takes adding a letter)

    monkey bushiness.

    ok, fuckit in a bucket (still trying to keep your ratings up ‘liss)

    i’m bushed and done.

    that motherfucker gives me a rash.

  30. Jeff

    The Crawford Hillbushies”

  31. Joel

    I can’t believe nobody has done “Bushed and Confused” yet.

  32. Bush’s End

    Compound: A Room With a View of the Remains of Bush’s End.

  33. Plan Bush from Outer Space


  34. Lizard

    Real Women Have Bushes
    The Eyes of Laura Bush
    (with thanks to Ellie for the link)
    The Bush Horror Picture Show

  35. Mungen_Cakes

    The Bush Must Be Crazy
    Mad Bush Beyond Thunderdome
    The Milagro Bushfield War
    The Bush Who Stole Christmas
    Stop Or My Bush Will Shoot!!!!
    Dial B For Bush
    Raging Bush
    Indiana Jones and the Bush Of Doom

  36. Bush Nine From Outer Space.

  37. Bushacus
    Full Metal Bush
    2001, A Bush Odyssey
    A Clockwork Bush
    The Bushing
    Dr. StrangeBush
    Bush Wide Open

    And this concludes our Bushbrik retrospective.

  38. What Bushes May Come

    Pink Bushes

    And a slight fudging of the rules:
    Pirates of the Arabian: The Curse of the Bush Pearl

  39. beatgrl

    I’ve been gone a few days, and what a delight. I just wanted to say I love love loooove your new pic, Melissa.

  40. maja

    Bush and Dumber. Or Dumb and Busher.

    Bushing Private Ryan.

    Bushsomnia – a frequent condition among liberals.


    Analyze Bush.

    Raging Bush

    The American President. Oh no. That one’s real.

  41. Mike

    Bushpocalypse Now

    “The horror… the horror!”

  42. Mike

    Bushpocalypse Now

    “The horror… the horror!”

  43. Constant Comment

    Kill Bush

  44. Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bush

  45. Bush and Let Die

    Bush’s Labyrinth (I imagine him in the General’s role)

    Bush Wars

    Gone with the Bush

    The Madness of King Bush (Even the actual title works on that one!)

    When Bushie Met Cheney

  46. NewCenturyProf

    I’d thought a few earlier. Here goes:

    Bush Fiction or Pulp Bush

    From Bush to Eternity

    Dog Bush Afternoon

    A Bush Called Wanda or A Fish Called Bush

    Saving private Bush

    Bush Burning

    May be back with more!!

  47. murph

    Deep Bush
    Debbie Does Bush
    Bush Happened One Night
    See Here Private Bush
    The Best Years of Our Bush
    Arsenic & Old Bush

  48. Dr. Loveless

    The Bushes Must Be Crazy

    It’s a documentary.

  49. beatgrl

    Oh yeah,
    Gojira Tai Bush

  50. Faster Bush! Kill! Kill!

  51. Bush in the Hole, AKA The Bush Carnival

  52. Buffy the Bush Slayer
    The Bush and the Dead
    Dirty Bush
    Kinky Bush
    Attack of the Bushes
    Paint Your Bush
    Bush and Busher

  53. metalsguy

    Crouching Conservative, Hidden Moron

    Serial Bush

    The Full Bushie

    Secrets and Lies (need no altering)

    The Opposite of Bush

  54. “Crouching Conservative, Hidden Moron


  55. Dennis - SGMM

    George Bush or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

  56. RayCeeYa

    American History Bush

    Fantastic Bush: Rise of the Silver Jackass

    And theres no way I can leave the Harry Potter series alone,

    Harry Bush and the Prisoner of Gitmo

    Harry Bush and the Half Brained Prince

    Harry Bush and the Chamber of Abu Ghraib

    and finally,

    Harry Bush and the Philosopher’s…. ummm Dick what a Philosopher

  57. egad i almost left this one out

    dirty bushy things

  58. pilotweed

    “Return of the Progressives, The Bushies fight back.” Incompetently of course and without a total clue. Ack! It’s late and I have class tomorrow.

  59. The Idiot… no change needed… or Bush the Idiot.

    The Madness of King Bush, above, works really well! But many good entries…

  60. stekatz

    Planet Of The Bushes

    The Bush Set

    Because Of Bush-Cheney


    Whatever Happened To Baby Bush?

    A Star Is Bush

    Smokey and the Bush

    And I second It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad Bush!

    Darn you Melissa!!!!

  61. stekatz

    Funny Bush

    Bush Side Story

    Bell, Bush and Candle

    Crocodile Bushee

    Weekend At Bushies

    Dances With Bushes

    The Shoot Bushes Don’t They?

    Field of Bushes

    Double Darn you Melissa!!!

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  63. chachabowl

    Bush Club: “The first rule of Bush Club is – you do not talk about Bush Club.”

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