Daily Round-Up

Melissa: Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

Melissa: Blog Note

Melissa: Haunting

Melissa: It’s Because We’re Arty, With Male Full Frontal

Kate: BStu on Being a Fat Admirer

Melissa: Terrorizing for God

Melissa: Read-Ems

Kate: Diabulimia

Wolfie: Herpes Sufferers Find a Champion in Tennis Star Justine Henin

Melissa: A Tragic Legacy

Jeff: Good News on the Psychopharmacology Front

Melissa: Dear Beltway Punditry

Melissa: Wrong Again, Wingnuts

Jeff: Generic Democrat Winning the Rural Vote

Mustang Bobby: Scooter is a Casualty of the War?

Wolfie: Rudy Giuliani Needs a New Coke Dealer

Melissa: My Thetan Was Tingling

Melissa: My Vagina is Not an Onion Ring

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