Best care anywhere

As if the patients at Walter Reed didn’t have enough concerns, now they’ve got guards shooting at other guards.

A security guard at Walter Reed Army Medical Center opened fire at another guard Wednesday outside a busy entrance to the hospital, police said. No one was injured.

The guards had been arguing at about 8:30 a.m. when one of them fired as many as 10 shots, Lt. Jimmie Riley said.

The other guard, who was not hit, ran to a nearby house to call police, Riley said. The guard who fired the shots was taken into custody.

“We’re very fortunate,” Riley said. “It could’ve been tragic.”

The guards are employed by a private security firm, which is under contract to Walter Reed.

Not that employees from private firms are inherently unstable, but it does strike me as odd that a military hospital would contract out its security. People in uniform with guns…don’t they have a supply of those close to hand?




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7 responses to “Best care anywhere

  1. People in uniform with guns…don’t they have a supply of those close to hand?

    Um, hasn’t BushCo killed or maimed most of them already?


  2. It’s fairly common for government agencies in DC to contract out security to private companies. It is a little more surprising at Walter Reed, but not entirely.

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  4. Coopster

    Most military installations use private contractors for security. Colorado Springs has four bases, and all of them use contractors.

    Then again, I’m a contractor myself, so I probably shouldn’t type so loudly…

  5. Em

    DoD facilities contract security out to Wackenhut.

    Wackenhut’s Wacky Guards! Now with 30% more itchy trigger fingers!

  6. Molly, NYC

    Walter Reed is arguably the most high-profile army base in the system. What do you suppose is going on at bases that aren’t so much in the public eye?

  7. Molly, NYC — that was my thought exactly. My dad still gets treatment at the VA hospital in his area from time to time — and I thought the neglect was just due to his being a WWII vet, rather than a glorious hero returning from our freshest conflict — he reports that the young vets there get just the same kind of shitty service that he does.

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