Wrong Again, Wingnuts

Remember in the wake of the Virginia Tech shooting how an unfortunate number of conservatives were foaming at the mouth that Cho Sueng Hui’s handle “Ax Ishmael” was evidence that he was a Muslim terrorist? “Precisely how many mass shooters have to turn out to have adopted Muslim names before we get it?” asked Jerry Boywer at TownHall, in an essay which quickly made its way to the Free Republic and well beyond.

Yeah, well, not so much:

Cho, 23, of Centreville, whose family was religious and had sought help for him from a Woodbridge church, repeatedly made religious references. He said that he had been “crucified” and that, as with Jesus, his actions would set people free. He called himself a “martyr” who would “sacrifice” his life. He wrote that he would go down in history as the “Jesus Christ of the Weak and Defenseless.” He thought his actions would inspire others to fight back and get even.

Cho’s various writings also included a photograph of himself stretched out as if on a cross and an exhortation to the “Children of Ishmael” to “take up the cross…take up our guns and knives…and take no prisoners and spare no lives.”

Unless there are a lot of Muslims I don’t know about with a Christ complex and a crucifixion fetish, I don’t think Islam can be charged with this one. Maybe now the wingnuts will get on board with that whole “facts” thing, but I doubt it.



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8 responses to “Wrong Again, Wingnuts

  1. To be fair, the “children of Ishmael” are Muslims. But yeah, the whole Jesus thing does seem to put the kibosh on the “islamic extremism” angle. Possibly the wingnuts have acknowledged that by completely dropping UVA from their radars after a couple days of hand-wringing.

  2. Uhhhhhh, I thought the reference was to a poem called “The Goat Ranchers”?

  3. Could “Ax Ishmael” also be a slang reference to the opening line of Moby Dick by Herman Melville?

  4. nightshift66

    I’ll go WAY out on a limb and predict that wingnuts will never change their tune about Cho. Evidence and reality haven’t had any effect on them to this point. Why would things change now?

  5. Rin

    He also might be referring to the Daniel Quinn book Ishmael, but if he is, I’ll be sad, because that’s totally one of my favorite books.

  6. Dan

    The kid was so far over the edge that any attempt to decipher his rants or to assign any kind of religious association is ridiculous, even more so to some political end. Then again the guys who do usually can find an enemy anywhere they look so it doesn’t surprise me.

  7. bernarda

    One of the problems with wingnuts beyond the fact that they are wrong, is that they don’t even understand the question.

    As to “The Goat Ranchers”, do a search at “google trends”.


  8. Jovan1984

    The wingnuts need to realize that they are the enemy. Their Christofascist agenda is getting on the People’s very last nerve.

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