Joseph: Big news, big findings on the use of RNC e-mail accounts

Ann: Juneteenth

Richard: Richard Cohen’s Apologia for Scooter Libby

Sheril R. Kirshenbaum: interseXioning

Jessica: Hot live purity ball action!

DCup: Absolved of Guilt Now and Forever

As always, feel free to use as a blogwhoring thread…



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9 responses to “Read-Ems

  1. DBK

    Figs are in season.

    It’s not political or socially significant, I suppose, but they’re delicious.

  2. File this one under “laughably sad”:

    New diet pill begs the question, would you rather have love handles or smell like a toilet?

    …I mean, I guess I’d prefer having poopy problems to going blind or dying (way to make me cry with a post, Kate! That’s so beyond horrible!)

    but… seriously. “What the poop?” gains some entirely new context.

  3. Bradley wrote about the purity balls yesterday too, linking to Feministing, and it gave me a chance to link back to a much earlier story about them, including the disturbing adjunct to the purity ball–the key to your daughter’s vagina heart.

  4. Homeless people exist and they’re the reason this lady thinks some cities are bad vacation spots. Watch out!

  5. I think the whole (Red) idea being pushed by Bono in the fight against AIDS, specifically in Africa, is questionable. George W Bush is prosecution exhibit A.

  6. I’ve got a two vids. A YouTube vid that’s way cool. Especially if you’re vegetarian.

    And, this one, that I Stumble(d)Upon.

  7. I fought Seattle Housing Authority and

  8. Thanks for the link!

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