Daily Round-Up

Melissa: Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

Melissa: New Rule

Melissa: Potty for Potts

Melissa: Happy Blogiversary

Melissa: Monday Blogwhoring

Melissa: What year is it?

Wolfie: Alberto Gonzales Loses $100 Million of Your Money

Jeff: Being Pro-Choice When You Think the Choice is Wrong

Phil: Number Two with a Bullet

Melissa: Also, TV Turns You Gay and Makes You Get Abortions

Kate: A Third Way to Prepare for Bathing Suit Season

Mustang Bobby: “Good Americans”

Wolfie: Afonso is having a tough day – but spay and neuter your pets anyway.

Melissa: Dear Chris Matthews: I still hate you. Love, Liss

Litbrit: No Responsible Sex, Please–We’re American TeeVee

Jeff: When You Care Enough to Slur the Very Best

Kathy: The Problem is Militarism, Not 9/11

Melissa: This Woman is Supposed to Disgust You

Mustang Bobby: Jesus Wept

Kate: In Case You Thought “Fatphobia” Was Overstating the Matter

Mustang Bobby: Question of the Day

Wolfie: Quote of the Day

Jeff: The Torture President


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