Question of the Day

This was inspired by a post over at firedoglake.

Who is the scariest GOP candidate?

You can base this on their views on the issues…or just on appearance and how they come across in the media.

For my money, Rudy Giuliani seems like the one who is most likely to frighten small children and animals, even when he smiles. For some reason he reminds me of Reverend Jim, the character played by Christopher Lloyd, on Taxi: one toke shy of a complete psycho episode.



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57 responses to “Question of the Day

  1. oddjob

    That’s easy. Giuliani.

  2. I really, really don’t want to see Rudy step up to the podium a year from next January 20th, hold up a nightstick and yell “It’s Giuliani time now!”

  3. Oh, yeah, I gotta go with Rudy.

  4. If I had to choose, I would pick Giuliani because he is the most authoritarian of the serious candidates. But I find Tancredo, Paul, and Brownback pretty disturbing, too.

  5. mamajane

    In the overall creepy, have to go with Tancredo. He comes across, to me, like a cheesy comic book villain, bent on destroying anything and everything good. Then again, the whole Giuliani mystique is straight out of a Twilight Zone episode, I can see that he’s a bad man, an empty suit, why can’t the American public see through the facade…

  6. The only reason Rudy scares me more than that Mormon guy is because Rudy is soooooooo devious. I knew after 9/11 (a date I will forever hate, not because of what was done to us by outsiders, but because of what was done to us afterwards by insiders) that the man was not to be trusted.

    Some NY firefighters would agree.

  7. Constant Comment

    I seriously could not pick one. The idea of one of them as president is equally disturbing.

  8. Mitt Romney.

    From OneNewsNow (formerly the AgapePress):

    Lou Sheldon, a well-known evangelical Presbyterian minister and conservative lobbyist in Washington, is endorsing former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination.

    Sheldon, the outspoken chairman of the Traditional Values Coalition, has agreed to serve as one of the co-chairs of the “Romney for President Faith and Values Steering Committee.” Sheldon says he has met with Governor Romney on a number of occasions since October of last year, and has been impressed with the governor’s “intelligent” positions on the issues and his relationship with his wife Ann.

  9. JoshWatermanMN

    Guiliani is probably the scariest. Brownback and Tancredo say scary things, but they are such nutbars I don’t think they will get much in the way of support. Nutbars get stale very quickly when taken out of their hermetically sealed environments.

    Guiliani is scary because he seems reasonable and credible, and like others pointed out, authoritarian. He would make tyranny seem benevolent, lull large blocks of the population into a false sense of calm.

  10. oddjob

    Josh has just perfectly stated all the reasons I feel as I do.

  11. I’m going with Giuliani. He’s the scariest-looking drag queen I’ve seen ever.

  12. mitt, especially after the stuff he said about his 5 sons and their missionary work versus military duty!(that pretty much sums up his priorties as a president)

    as we say in pittsburgh, “what a jagoff!”

  13. oddjob

    Romney is the most shamelessly, blatantly, transparently fake I believe I’ve ever witnessed. Something Groucho Marx once said in one of their movies sums him up perfectly:

    Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them…. well, I have others.

  14. Depends. Who does Fred Phelps endorse?

  15. I am most scared of Fred Thompson, because he’s the only one that doesn’t seem scary, and therefore he could win.

  16. bluefish A

    i dunno. brownback recently said that rape victims should be forced to bear their rapists’ child.
    that chills me to the bone.

  17. Froudycan McThomcredbackabee.

  18. But if I had to pick a single ‘face’ of the above Republenstein, it would be Rudy’s. That’s one scary mofo.

  19. Arkades

    Top three, in descending order:

    Giuliani, because he’s most likely to actually have a chance of turning this country into an authoritarian police state. Chilling.

    Romney, for that soulless smile of his, and for the fact that the religious conservatives may hold their noses over the Mormon thing and inflict him on the rest of us.

    Huckabee, because of the possibility of forced reeducation camps for all of Teh Fattiez so we can learn from his example. (Oh, and that whole covenant marriage thing.)

    Among the rest, Tancredo and Brownback are plenty scary in terms of their views, but the very stances that make them popular with the radical right would not serve them well in a general election. COnversely, I could see Giuliani, Romney, or Huckabee as having enough charisma to actually getting elected, and it frightens me.

  20. Constant Comment speaks for me.

  21. Everybody walkee talkeee

    I never thought I would say this in public, but… aside from radios in motion….. I just don’t much get it.

    Tags: Social Commentary

  22. as we say in pittsburgh, “what a jagoff!”


  23. I’m sorry, I’ve been on Google Earth too long.

  24. When falsely accused, the animal will strike back.

  25. Chuck Hagel.

    When he announces in September, you’ll be scared too.

  26. Stephen–YES. Hagel scares me, too. Someone should spray-paint SPOILER ALERT on every single photograph of the man. Yeeeeesh.

  27. Freddie Mercury singing “I’m in love with my car”

    Gotta feel for my automobile

    is about the scariest thing I can imagine at the moment.

  28. That is VERY on-topic for those of you who think I’m a fucked-up lightweight.

  29. If it weren’t for us hippies, crap would come unglued.

  30. Jesus built my hot rod
    It’s a love affair
    Mainly Jesus and my car.

    Yeah, fuck it!

  31. The Damned sound a lot like the White Stripes. One good cocksucker deserves another.


    You gotta love the 80s… and the 00s.

  32. oddjob

    JackGoff Jun 18th, 2007 at 8:04 pm
    as we say in pittsburgh, “what a jagoff!”

    Not to worry, Jack! If I remember my Pittsburghese, it’s pronounced “JAG-off”.

  33. Moira, I will never underestimate you again. Ever.

    Never. Never.

    Wham bam thank ya mam, is it the 90s yet?

  34. oddjob, how the fuck did you get tangled up in blue?

  35. For some reason he reminds me of Reverend Jim, the character played by Christopher Lloyd

    Reverend Jim was lovable! With that death rictus grin Guiliani has, he reminds me more of the character Christopher Lloyd played in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

  36. When we talked about it yesterday, most of us went with Giuliani. I did, that’s for sure, though a friend of mine was really weirded out about Romney’s “7 year marriages in France” deal. But Amy and her brother said that they felt it was the wrong question–they’re all scary because the process is so fucked up. It’s the process, not the candidates, that scares us.

  37. And all this on only one beer. Oh, and vicodin. *breathes on her fingernails and polishes them*

    I do need to find a dealer, though. Nothing works for the fibro like the demon weed.

  38. Me’shell Ndegeocello, doing “Make Me Wanna Holler.”

    Yah, I sorta get your reference. 🙂

    Beware. I’ve got my bitch demon needle out.

  39. That Negro Funktress can play my shit. Anytime. Anywhere.

    Oh, there’s so much more?

  40. Word, konagod. Especially if she recites “Akel Dama” from Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape while she’s at it.

  41. rudy because he’s a creepy motherfucker who doesn’t know how creepy he is.

    mcCain ’cause he’s a hero who has let himself become a douchebag slave to his ambition.

    tancredo is not only a batshit crazy motherfucker he is a batshit crazy racist motherfucker.

    huckaby because his name is stupid.

    romney because god talks to him using words and shit (in most sensible conversations that’s called schizophrenia)

    who are the others again?

    ah, just fuck them.

    i’m playing billie holiday. listening to one of my mentors, harry, playing killer stride piano.

    her voice wasn’t that great. but, she reached places inside herself and anyone within earshot that are astonishing.

    strange fruit
    hangs on southern trees

  42. Another voice in defense of Reverend Jim, who would never intentionally hurt another living creature. And as maurinsky says, Judge Doom and Guilani bear more than a passing resemblence, both physically and mentally.

  43. The really scary part is that the American people might just elect one of these asswipes even after 8 fucking years of GOP disasters. That’s why I left the US so many years ago. The “People” elected Nixon and I wasn’t about to live in a country with that many stupid, ignorant assholes in it that were willing to go out and prove it by voting for the foul bastard.

  44. amish451

    Reverend Jim , we loved him because he knew where he was and who he was, and he knew that he was disturbed …unlike most of the R candidates …

    The really scary part is that “we the people” may have no effect in “the process” ……

  45. Giuliani. By a mile.

    On secrecy, Cheney to the power of ten. On vindictiveness, Nixon + Cheney + Bush.

    Google Amadou Diallo, Abner Louima, and Patrick Dorismond.

    I have to (yet again) recommend Cintra Wilson’s Salon piece on Giuliani, “Two Parts Hubris, One Part Paranoia” (the daypass-averse can read it here).

  46. now, don’t be offended by “jagoff” it’s a pittsburgh word.

    it’s as pittsburgh as ” n@ ”

    if you listen to dennis miller(gag) even tho he’s gotten rid of the pittsburgh accent, when he says “jagoff” it’s a dead give a way to his pittsburgh roots!

    no offence to you jack. : )

  47. mb, you had the right idea there! : 0

  48. "Fair and Balanced" Dave

    I’ve got to agree that Rudy is the scariest not merely because he’s a neo-fascist nutcase with delusions of adequecy, but also because he’s a darling of the “Heathers” in the MSM (who seem to have fallen out of love with John “Straight Talk” McCain–however the “Heathers” will probably abandon Rudy if Fred Thompson actually enters the race).

    Since nobody’s mentioned him so far, I have to include Ron Paul. He’s gotten a number of positive comments even on progressive blogs because he’s opposed to the debacle in Iraq. However, as Dave Neiwert has pointed out, Paul’s close relationship with known white supremacists far outweigh the fact that he’s one of the few Republicans who is right about Iraq.

  49. Everyone–Go see Darkblack’s terrific artwork. It’s The Wicked Witch Of New Yawk!

  50. oddjob

    Dave, that’s just the beginning. If you want to see him get really passionate, go find out what he has to say about the Federal Reserve.

    Paul is a libertarian, and ran for president as such in 1988.

  51. oddjob

    litbrit: LOL!!

  52. pretty good litbrit, tho it does give witches a bad rap. ; )

  53. Having lived in Massachusetts i have the strongest personal dislike for Mitt Romney. But he doesn’t scare me the most. I think i’d have to vote for Tancredo as “most likely to continue America’s slide into fascism.”

  54. Kate217

    Um, all of them?

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