Oh My!

Thanks, Amish!



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19 responses to “Oh My!

  1. So we’ll have pillagin’ ogres in no time! Kick. Ass.

  2. That reminds me of driving past Cinemas I and II in Toledo in the early ’70’s and seeing the double bill:

    Making It


    Ryan’s Daughter

  3. SAP

    You know, he did seem to have a healthy glow in this sequel …

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  5. Once again, thanks for the visual. My dinner is in the kitchen, but now I’m afraid to ingest it.

  6. mustelid

    …all the details coming up on CNN!

  7. boatboy_srq

    PRICELESS! Best I’ve seen since the Stonestown theatre ran this double bill:
    Nine Months
    Under Seige

  8. those bastard pirates. . .

  9. Almost equal to the all-time greatest double bill:
    7:00 — Blazing Saddles
    9:45 — Where Does It Hurt?

  10. Kevin

    Arrghhh, it,s a long time at sea we are. The goat is long dead and the salt pork went green.. at least that thing was still movin…

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  12. Arkades

    Pirates, plural? So the crew pulled a train on the big green guy?

    Can’t wait for the sequel.

  13. amish451

    …the goat is long dead…

    Would that be perhaps, “My Pet Goat” …? That visual will have an astonishing hang time, wont it …..

  14. Reba

    Who took this picture? I would lurve to make this into an icon, but I’m all ethical and stuff so I’d like to ask permission…

  15. Jeff

    I can’t remember if I saw this or I made it up but my favorite is

  16. That is just a lot unfortunate!

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