Back, Still Adjusting Saddle

The Cowgirl and I just got back from a long day of travel, officially ending a truly wonderful honeymoon. Thanks to all of the well-wishing Shakers who sent in their comments at the time of said dispatch.

After some time zone and routine adjustment, I’ll be well back in the Shakes Saddle to post some musings about our time in Italy, including some interesting anti-W sentiment going on over there.




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3 responses to “Back, Still Adjusting Saddle

  1. Adjusting the saddle? What’s this? You’ve not been riding side saddle now have you? The Fundies will be all over you like stink on **** if they catch on to this!

    But welcome back! Besides the obvious joys of honeymooning, Italy is a great place to eat also. Just in case you ever go back.

  2. You know what I just realized? Your name would be even cooler if it was “Spacec Owboy”

    Shit, I’m channeling KonaGod I think.

    Congrats on the nuptials, tho. Or should I say, Congrat on the Snuptials.


  3. Melissa McEwan


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