Selective concern trolling

Via Atrios, our awesomely impartial media watches out for the Dems:

Hannity: I think the Democrats have gone further left than anybody would have anticipated. I think these bloggers have really gotten to them. I think they’re really positioning themselves that they’re gonna have a very difficult time moving center. Do you see that?”

Russert: Absolutely…

Not so concerned about the GOP, oddly.

Conservative bloggers in full revolt over immigration

It’s increasingly clear from Web postings and interviews with top conservative bloggers that the immigration bill has done serious damage to the president’s credibility among the conservative netroots, the grassroots bloggers on the Web.

Erick Erickson, managing editor of the popular conservative blog, says he receives between 800 and 900 e-mails a day from readers, most of whom are “enraged” by the White House’s immigration efforts.

“Of all the issues the president has picked to make his hill to die on, he has picked the one that has divided his base,” said Erickson, who lives in Macon, Georgia. “I am shocked by the anger and outrage out there … You’ve got war against the president within the Republican party.”




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5 responses to “Selective concern trolling

  1. Because the right can never move enough to the right, but if you dare think of making a move to the left, it’s political death. Ugh.

  2. Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    Anyone who still thinks a bunch of liberals dominate the major media was not paying attention during the Clinton years.

  3. Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    Big Dog wasn’t even all that liberal. As the late great Molly Ivins said, “Only a fool or a Republican ever mistook Bill Clinton for a liberal.” 🙂

  4. “moving center”? Wouldn’t they have to move LEFT to do that?

    (And therefore, doesn’t that imply that the bloggers who are the most trouble for Dems are righties?)

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