oh for chrissakes

Primetime teevee devolves even further, courtesy of “The Donald”:

The title of the Fox vehicle in development under the executive-producing auspices of real-estate tycoon Donald Trump is Lady or a Tramp, and the premise revolves around so-called party girls (that is, the titular tramps, of course) who are transformed into so-called debutantes (translation: uptight females who think they’re better and more important than they actually are) after being sent to charm school.

Ugh. Just ugh.


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10 responses to “oh for chrissakes

  1. JoshWatermanMN

    What makes the Trump think he has anything to contribute in how to advise young women in charm? The man is as charming as a herpes outbreak.

  2. Aly

    I heard about that. It seemed like a spin off of the popular show “Charm School” on VH1. However, Trump said something to the affect he was going to make the girls into ‘tweed skirt and pearl necklace kind of girls’… so it seemed like he was trying to make them more uptight than anything.

  3. Jay in Oregon

    The British beat us to this one, too. I remember John rogers writing about a show called Ladette to Lady.

    It’s still going, also:


    We are currently recruiting hard-drinking, raucous young women who have gone totally off the rails and would benefit from a five week crash course in etiquette and manners.

  4. Jay in Oregon

    …and if I’d bothered to read the article first, I’d have known that it was already mentioned.


  5. i think it’s a copy cat of “Ladette to Lady” which was actually pretty charming. although the donald could flat suck the charm out of anything.

    he should have stayed with the professional wrestlers.

  6. What d’you bet that one of the lessons at charm school is “how to love a man with a combover”?

  7. Constant Comment

    Maybe they should do a show on Trump and call it “Horse’s Ass or a Moron.” Please tell me he’s not going to have the balls to discuss these women’s hairstyles…

  8. Somehow I think this is sort of The Apprentice for his next wife, because the current one had spawned and is swiftly aging herself away from trophy matherial.

  9. chachabowl

    whoops.. I misread it as “Lady or a Trump.” My bad.

  10. Anne

    Why not charm school for the guys who stand around on street corners and harass me and every woman who walks by? I know way more men than women who need to go to charm school, frankly. And seriously, the last thing we need is for some rich, arrogant old asshole to try making girls and women even more submissive than a lot of them already are….

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