Fox News mourns the death of ‘Larry’ Graham’s wife


When a recent report came out that Fox News covers the Iraq occupation far less than MSNBC or CNN, Bill O’Reilly was quick to respond:

“Another bombing in Tikrit only teaches us that war is hell,” said O’Reilly, defending his station’s “All-Paris Hilton, All The Time” modus operandi.

BillO made it clear that his viewers were uninformed and liked to stay that way. So being that Fox News viewers don’t need to care about the war, they also apparently don’t need to know the real first names of legendary evangelists.

larry graham

Fox News: They report (sort of) and you decide (ignorantly).

Our best wishes go out to Larry Graham, former bassist of Sly and the Family Stone, during these tough times.





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13 responses to “Fox News mourns the death of ‘Larry’ Graham’s wife

  1. Billy Graham was excellent in Graham Central Station, though.

  2. although i never liked his goddamn crackers.

  3. amish451

    …always seemed like the … damned crackers are soggy …

    MB up at the crack of dawn; or is it only me that sees the blog on Pacific Time …?

  4. i’m on a coffee break (arizona mountain time is the same as pacific time this part of the year). the horses and dogs have been fed, the poop shoveled (i’m most excellently qualified to be a poop shoveler) and i take a moment to sip some coffee and cruise the ‘net while MSNBC drones in the background. then, if the fax doesn’t spit out a paying gig it’s practice time (scales followed by scales followed by scales played faster)

    then it’s time for some serious pool lounging (remembering that the fax machine is the boss of the house, it spits, i go to work) to kill time before going out to the barn for more poop shoveling and food tossing.

  5. There’s a great Graham Central Station video here.

  6. Ruth Graham was a decent woman, far stronger and more outspoken than one would expect for the wife of someone like Billy Graham.

    It’s headlines like that which show how Fox News, even if it weren’t just a propaganda organ for the GOP, would be too incompetent to be a real news organization.

  7. Oh, neat! So she does have a name that isn’t Mrs. William Graham. Now, if I were editing for Fox, I’d have headlined it as “Ruth Graham, Wife of Evangelist Billy Graham, Dies.” Fortunately for the world, Fox is unlikely to hire me.

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  10. Brian

    Between the penguin invasion and the “fat rant” story, it’s almost like Fox News has been reading Shakesville! Weird. Eerie.

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  12. Jovan1984

    So, the channel that supports the war is the one covering it the least. Not very surprised, given the way this war has been going for the past 4 years and a month. There is a civil war ongoing as we all blog on Shakesville, Pandagon and other sites. More than 3.5 thousand of our servicepeople dead and it is getting worse by the hundredth of a second, not better. The fact that Fox News Channel is living in fantasy land is appalling to all those who want real news.

  13. William Jarvis

    Did Larry Graham, Jr. pass away recently?

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