Daily Round-Up

Melissa: Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

Melissa: Brace Yourselves, Shakers: The Surge Isn’t Working

Melissa: Q: What could possibly have prompted Iran to decide to execute porn stars?

Wolfie: FBI’s Terror Watch List Balloons to 6,602,224,175

Melissa: Bush Plucks New Senior Advisor from Usual Cesspool of GOP Detritus

Melissa: Bearbots

Kate: “God Is My Diet”

Phil: Never Blog Where You Eat

Melissa: Read-Ems

Mustang Bobby: Radio Daze

Melissa: Privilege: In One Story (with Pictures!)

Melissa: MA Legislature Won’t Let Marriage Go to a Vote

Melissa: I Hate Huckabee

Kate: Why I Still Use the Term “Fat Acceptance”

Melissa: Libby is Clinkbound

Arkades: Marketing Pretty People: Bland is the New Hot

Melissa: Quote of the Day

Mustang Bobby: Scenes from the Office

Kate: Fun for the Whole Family

Wolfie: Attention Politico: Hillary Clinton may have called Gen Pace a ‘Poopiehead,’ run with it!

Melissa: Fun With Site Meter

Spudsy: Question of the Day


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