Another Bush Failure

Takeover by Hamas Illustrates Failure of Bush’s Mideast Vision:

Five years ago this month, President Bush stood in the Rose Garden and laid out a vision for the Middle East that included Israel and a state called Palestine living together in peace. … The takeover this week of the Gaza Strip by the Hamas militant group dedicated to the elimination of Israel demonstrates how much that vision has failed to materialize, in part because of actions taken by the administration. The United States championed Israel’s departure from the Gaza Strip as a first step toward peace and then pressed both Israelis and Palestinians to schedule legislative elections, which Hamas unexpectedly won. Now Hamas is the unchallenged power in Gaza.

Bush’s vision has always been predicated on “spreading democracy.” In November of 2003, he called for a “Forward Strategy of Freedom” to promote democracy in the Middle East. Countless times have we heard variation on the same theme: “Promoting democracy and freedom in the Middle East will be a massive and difficult undertaking, but it is worthy of America’s effort and sacrifice.”

So, Bush got his democracy, but not the result he wanted. Hamas won. And they’re winning still. This result being a distinct possibility was pointed out with regard to his horseshit “vision” from the moment it jumped from the starting gate, because people in the reality-based community don’t pretend that democracies always yield What America Wants.

I believe they were called traitors for their efforts.



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11 responses to “Another Bush Failure

  1. Kelley

    And this surprises any of us with at least half our brain still functioning?? Um, no.

    *Sighs, patiently waits for cat-blogging*

  2. If you are going to create a democracy, you have to be prepared for results that you don’t like. I’m not sure why our foreign policy leaders don’t seem to understand this.

  3. They don’t like democracy here at home – cheating at every turn, and then ignoring what the voters want in favor of what ever his gut tells him today.

    It’s just more lip service.

  4. Eric Blair

    How exactly is this a Bush failure?

    Its a failure of the Palistinians to behave like civilized people.

    Nobody in the administration is forcing Hamas and Fatah to fight each other.

  5. @Eric Blair:
    Just like Americans, Brazilians, Germans, Iraqis, etc., Palestinians are human beings who can observe their surroundings and decide who is actually out for their best interest and who wants to take a big dump on them.

    The US and Israel have defined ‘behaving like civilized people’ for the Palestinians to include accepting the theft of their land and the brutal and unjust treatment of their people.

    Simplifying any conflict in that region to Palestinians being uncivilized by nature is at best naive and at worst intentionally racist or genocidal.

  6. Always good to drop by BDS junction to see what the froth-at-the-mouth-crowd is screeching.

    Anyone who watched the BBC last night saw Hamas gunmen emptying their AK-47s and other automatic weapons into the air without a thought in their monkey brains about where the bullets would come down. The primitive savagery of the Arabs can’t think beyond their testoserone to the fact that 2 million lost souls live in the garbage dump that is Gaza, and some will get hit by said bullets. Happens all the time, but the BBC and Guardian never report where the bullets come down.

    And a brain-dead bimbo Arab reporter in Beirut called the assassination of a Sunni judge “daring” as though killing someone and ten bystanders in an amusement park was an act of bravery. This bi-yotch with a mike then said that the Shi’ites and their allies were “chipping away” at the anti-Syrian majority in Lebanese parliament, as if seven murders in the last two years was some sort of parliamentary tactic.

    I lived in the Middle East for almost a decade, speak and read Arabic, and there is little if anything more to hope from this savage medieval relic of a “civilization” that purports to be founded on a “religion of peace.” My lyin’ eyes just can’t see the peace that blowing up Sunni and Shi’ite places of worship in progressive acts of retaliation fits into the term “civilization.”

    And any female Arab bimbo who describes a car-bomb murder in an amusement park as “daring” should be fired immediately. And “chipping away” is not a term literate people use for political murders.

  7. Fred Thompson

    Simplifying any conflict in that region to Palestinians being uncivilized by nature is at best naive and at worst intentionally racist or genocidal.

    Who said anything about nature? Culture, definitely.

    because people in the reality-based community don’t pretend that democracies always yield What America Wants.

    No, they like to have it both ways. If we support dictatorships in the ME, then we need to understand Muslim anger against us( see the Shah of Iran). On the other hand, if we support Democracy without force, as in Palestine, we’re idiots because you see, Hamas get’s elected. And lastly, if we support Democracy through force, we get anarchy and civil war.

    The ‘reality based community’ is neither based in reality nor a community( more like The Mob ). Discuss.

  8. Steve Z

    Blaming the Bush Administration for the debacle in Gaza is like blaming the Clinton Adminstration for the massacre in Rwanda. Neither Administration had a dog in the fight, so they didn’t intervene, while people were massacred.

    Should America defend Fatah against Hamas, or Hamas against Fatah? What has either group ever done for the United States, that we should defend them? All both of them have ever done is attack our only real ally in the region, Israel.

    All those who have been arguing for “land for peace” (peace is obtained by Israel giving up land) have been proven wrong. Israel gave up their occupation of Gaza (which was too difficult to protect), and the Palestinians are killing each other. Which may still be in Israel’s interest, since Palestinians killed by other Palestinians can’t kill Israelis.

    Neither Fatah nor Hamas have any idea about how to build a nation or a civilization–they only live to kill. If they can’t kill Israelis, they’ll kill each other. Let Israel blockade the northern border of Gaza, Egypt blockade the southern border, and let Hamas and Fatah have at it until they run out of ammunition, after which they will throw rocks at each other. Until they grow up and try to do something constructive, a pox on both their houses!

  9. Fred Thompson


    One other thing.

    Palestinians have been electing politicians for over a decade now( with each year, Hamas gaining more power), so your post is rather nonsensical.

    You can blame Bush for being naive about the notion that democracy will create a more liberal culture in the Middle East, but you certainly can’t blame him for the Hamas takeover of Gaza, which has nothing to do with Democracy, but thuggery and force.

    But BDS has this effect on people, made worse by their lack of historical knowledge.

  10. Jovan1984

    The Bush Admin has always been a big fat failure! They have failed in their obligations to uphold the Constitution. They have failed in Iraq, as Bush and his cronies have the blood of 3,510+ of our servicepeople on their hands. They have failed in assisting Katrina victims, as Kanye West said it correctly on September 2, 2005: “George Bush don’t care about black people.” They have failed in deterring slaughterhouses in our schools and colleges. They have failed in Afghanistan, where the real Taliban is making a comeback. Case in point, the Bush Admin will always be an Administration of failure. If you want to fail, then elect Republicans. If you want to succeed, the vote for anyone else.

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