Actual Headline

McCain ’08 bid losing steam. Duh—ya think?

Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign is showing signs of unraveling, with a continuing slide in the polls, voters’ irritation over his support of what they called amnesty for illegal aliens and his decision to pull out of the Iowa straw poll.

… “The man once considered the dominant front-runner in the race is now supported by just 11 percent of likely Republican primary voters nationwide,” Mr. Rasmussen said yesterday. “That’s down from 17 percent in May and 14 percent a week ago. His support is just half of what it was in January.”

That’s a crying shame. I was always so fond of him.



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3 responses to “Actual Headline

  1. TinaH

    Watching the GOP primary is watching a rat race. You know a rat’s going to win, and it’s tough to care which rat it is.

    If the Dems don’t grow some either testicular or ovarian fortitude, it’s going to be the same case on that side too.

  2. Yeah Liss, we were all fond of him at one point! 🙂

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