Chet Scoville: Wrong

Threefer: Belledame222 and Lauredhel think about hating children.

Bradley: Feminism and Marriage (A Note to Men)

Mad Kane: Victory In My Battle Against Feed Scraping Content Thief

Ted: Not Much Politics (I would like to note that I am the official voice of introduction to Smiths songs on BAGeL Radio!)

As always, feel free to use as a blogwhoring thread…



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10 responses to “Read-Ems

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  2. SAP

    On this most auspicious of days, I offer another love sort of love story (via Metfilter).

  3. Well, there’s OMCQoFM, George Bush’s watch is stolen, and the moron Mudcat employs a tired old excuse for southern racism.

  4. The Senate is taking up the energy bill today.

  5. Yay! We made the Read-Ems again. One day, maybe one of my posts will make it up there. 😉

  6. I’ve got Video From The Gay Bomb Tests, also Bush’s watch was stolen in Albania.

  7. Thanks so much for mentioning my battle victory post!

  8. Great link to MadKane and the anti-feed scraping anti-splogging thread. I’ve had problems with one of those slimeworms myself, hit a dead end of infinite paperwork, got depressed, and gave up. This gives us real and effective countermeasures. Finally! Hallelujah! Thank you, thank you, thank you for getting the word out!

  9. SAP

    By the way, if anyone is interested, there is a game on the net called NationStates, where you can run your own country. I’ve created a special region for Shakers called Shaker Mountain. Feel free to join us.

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