Just Watch

That just makes me all kinds of happy!

Via Stephen.



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29 responses to “Just Watch

  1. Outstanding. 🙂

  2. deleriously happy.

  3. Thanks for the link. That man gives me chills.

  4. Well. I hain’t no member of the “Metropolitan Opera Wing”, but that were fan-bloody-tastic!

  5. Kelley

    OMFG! That man’s voice is absolutely stunning!! I was completely blown away! Forget that pop culture trash…somebody get this man an opera contract, stat!!!

  6. evilchemistry

    How do you go from that impressive voice to fucking Aerosmith????? Gross.

  7. I love it! chills.

  8. You need a warning…will make you cry. All of a sudden all my coworkers know I’m not working but reading blogs.

  9. Susan

    Bravo, Sir!! Bravo!!

  10. Constant Comment

    Have to admit I cried, too.

  11. Hankie Bridgade! Me 2 weeping.

  12. Yeah, the Aerosmith was jarring and unnecessary.

  13. Jay in Oregon

    I must be a horrible person, because I watched the whole thing waiting for the punchline.

    Now that I know the whole thing was real, I have to say that was amazing.

  14. everstar

    That was awesome.

    It reminds me of the older BBC special called Operatunity, which was about a national search for someone to sing opera with…. I can’t remember at the moment. But it was like this.

    I hope they can find him good teachers and get him connected with the opera community. I’d hate for him to slip through the cracks.

  15. Wow!

    That’s one of my favorite opera pieces, and he really nailed it.

    I guess the contest’s still going on, huh? Best of luck to Paul! And Cymru am beth!

  16. Wow. Just wow.

    As much as I avoid opera, that is one of my favorite pieces and he nailed it better than any recording I’ve heard recently.

    But we Welsh are famous for being singers. Cymru am beth indeed.

  17. nan

    YES! Awsome. Tears all around, then!
    Thanks for sharing. I’d’ve missed it if I’d not found it here.
    There is a light in the darkness.

  18. That was putting me in a Beverly Sills mood.

  19. Betsy

    Awwwwwwww!! And you could tell he was so nervous, and just kind of waiting for the axe to fall.

    But yeah, Aerosmith? WTF?

  20. …almost makes me want to get a TV…

    …seriously, singing! Good luck, lad!

  21. …well that didn’t send right…

  22. I like Aerosmith myself, but in that context, bleahhh. A prime example (this is the 2nd time tonight I’ve used that term) of why I don’t watch TV.

  23. Melissa McEwan

    Have to admit I cried, too.

    Oh, so did I. Buckets.

  24. SAP

    Yeah, I agree with kona. That clip had me right up until I heard Steven Tyler. Nearly ruined the whole moment.

  25. What a lovely clip ~ A Superb performance!
    Thank you for this post. 🙂

    Chanced across your site here via 3 Quarks Daily.
    Do take care & Wishes,

  26. Tears and goosebumps here! Thanks for that!

  27. Nessun Dorma sung well will do that every time.

    And it is a Welsh thang, too.

    Love that voiceover with the word pronounced JOOges!

  28. Loki

    Hell, now I need to go buy more tissues. I do wish the female judge (don’t know who she is, as I also don’t own a TV) would stop calling him a “lump of coal” and a “frog” though. To me, he had far more charisma than she, and he affected me in a much more genuine and spontaneous way.

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