Caption This Photo

Why do I get the feeling Mitt Romney’s
about to become a huge pain in my ass?

[Thanks, Petulant.]



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37 responses to “Caption This Photo

  1. “I love packing this stuff up. [Pause] Hey, why is everyone laughing?”

  2. Psychlo Romney is prepared to dominate this fudge.

  3. Jeff

    It was eerie…Governor Romney got giddy like a schoolgirl and couldn’t wait to pull the gloves on with a sharp snap when the hansome young boy managing the store asked him if he’d like to help him pack his fudge….but once the kid sat a tray of candy and a pile of empty boxes on the table in front of him, he looked really disapointed…It was like Mitt suddenly seemed to lose all interest in the idea! I just don’t get it!

  4. thanks to litbrit i find it impossible to look at romney without remembering martin sheen as evil smarmy politician guy.

    homeboy’s seriously deranged. he’s got that weird eye thing going.


  5. He looks a little crazy. If I were in the store, I would leave as quickly as possible.

  6. “I’m your proctoooooooo-logist!” (with apologies to Little Shop of Horrors).

  7. Jeff

    Romney bears an uncanny resembelance to Steve Martin playing Orin Scrivello, D.D.S. in Little Shop of Horrors.

  8. Seriously, this won’t hurt at all……Trust me! I’m a professional.

  9. Arkades

    “Where are those helpers of mine? Magenta…! Columbia…!”

  10. skunqesh

    “One Americano ‘Steamer’, *sssnap*, Comin’ up!”

  11. So, Mitt, I was wonder-MOOOOOON RIVER!

    Say, you got the whole fist up there, Mitt?

  12. Tom in Iowa

    Egad – its the bad guy from Firefly! My eyes are bleeding.

  13. More evidence that Liberals have filthy minds.

  14. JoshNC

    River: Two by two. Gloves of blue. Two by two. Gloves… blue… two.

    I believe this is what you were trying to say Tom.

  15. Actually, it’s “two by two, hands of blue”

  16. This just shows that his handlers are either “Brady Bunch” unsophisticated or just plain stupid!

    Haven’t they ever heard of “packing fudge”?!

    What’s next? Are they going to let him dress up in S&M leather?

    “Hey, Mitt. Are those cowboy chaps?”

    “Why yes, they are cowboy chaps.”

    (Only those who have seen The Ritz will get that.)

  17. Here’s a not-safe-for-work Photoshop of “Kinky Mitt”:

  18. More evidence that Liberals have filthy minds.

    I’ve never been called a “fudge packer” by a liberal.

    Nope, it is always some redneck, vulgar conservative Christian.

    Every fucking time.

  19. More evidence that Liberals have filthy minds.

    Or we understand hypocrisy and satire. And that Mitt Romney is a horrible, horrible human being.

  20. That pic is wonderful Fritz!

    Fudge Packers Unite! I sense a t-shirt if there isn’t one already!

  21. Indy

    liberals have filthy minds? yes? and?

  22. If ANY doctor of mine, even a podiatrist, had anything like that look on his face whilst pulling on a rubber glove, I would jump out the window and run screaming into the night.

  23. Melissa McEwan


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  26. Kip W

    Okay! I’m ready… Where’s everybody going?

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  31. He’s a proctologist don’t bend down.
    He’s a proctologist don’t bend down
    He’s a proctologist don’t bend down
    Don’t bend down or he’ll look round.

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