Monday Blogwhoring

Sock it to me, Shakers.

Recommended Reading:

The Lizard Queen: Women are worth more than slaves but less than fetuses, evidently

Amanda Marcotte: Objectification, Nice Guys, and 4/5ths a fetus

TBogg: We’re just tryin’ to be friendly; come and watch us sing and play…

Blogenfreude: Bork Reform

Fixer: Little Warlords

Rich Juzwiak: Surf’s not the only thing that’s up!

Tigtog: Puking Up Pink

Erica Barnett: I Am Not My Period


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9 responses to “Monday Blogwhoring

  1. I also have a word or three about Deacon Dumb’s trip to Europe.

  2. I take a quick break from talking food and get rich schemes involving finding loose diamonds at state parks to go off on the Avenue and other retailers for idiotic practices that jeopardize consumer privacy and information: Gourmet Goddess: (Mis)Adventures in Cooking!.

  3. Meet Hasan Elahi, the Rutgers Professor who decided the best way to keep the government from spying on him was to give up privacy altogether and live his life online. It’s a scary story.

    And if for some reason, you’re interested in Ruby Payne’s Hidden Rules among the Classes as featured in this week’s NY Times magazine, Amy has painstakingly copied them from the PowerPoint presentation she found online. And yes, they are about as simplistic and inaccurate as you might expect they are.

  4. Comandante, that’s ridiculous even by Fox’s nonexistent standards.

  5. Global Nemesis

    You’re invited to play along.

  6. Check out the photo that appeared in my local newspaper this morning!

    Hint: Check out the guy’s crotch — then his name.

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