Daily Round-Up

Friday and the Weekend…

Melissa: Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

Melissa: Creation Museum’s Adam Has Naughty Past

Melissa: Immigration Bill Dead—For Now (And Why I’m Glad)

Wolfie: Jules Crittenden and Boston Herald Debate Dead Blogger

Todd: Robo-Kidz ROOL!

Melissa: Assvertising

Melissa: Friday Blogwhoring

Melissa: Hanging Onto the Wagon with the Tips of His Fingernails

Melissa: Rape is Hilarious: Put to Music Edition

Spudsy: Wake Up Call

Misty: Friday Cat Blogging

Spudsy: Hello, Cleveland!

Melissa: Friday Cat Blogging

Melissa: The Virtual Pub

Melissa: Greetings from Space

Kathy: C.I.A. Ran Secret Prisons in Poland and Romania

Litbrit: Sunday Grace

Kathy: “Hey, Kids! Let’s Put On A War!”


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