Greetings from Space

Morning, Shakers!

I’ve received a dispatch from the newly-hitched Space Cowboy as he and the lovely Space Cowgirl embark on week two of their honeymoon. They are happily having a wonderful time, and Space Cowboy’s already planning what he’ll post when he gets back. (Poor Space Cowgirl; he can’t help it—it’s a sickness! Just ask Mr. Shakes.) Also, he says hi.



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14 responses to “Greetings from Space

  1. Sweet pompatus of love. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Cowperson!

  2. Marriage is a great thing. Mark me down as a fan. And my deepest congratulations to the Space Cowcouple.

    And remember: The love you make is equal to the amount of hate in Dick Cheney’ cholesterol-ridden heart.


  3. Angelos

    Congrats, Cowboy!

    No get your ass back here and set up another ShakerSkype! I went and bought a headset and everything!

  4. Jeff

    Wow….love the graphic, Melissa….But, I never knew SC had such dainty little girlie hands! Think he uses calgon?

  5. Congrats Cowboy and Cowgirl!

  6. Aw! That’s sweet.

  7. Well done cowfolks. And like whisky, it gerts better and better with time. CONGRATS!!!!

  8. It also “Gets” better. blush. blush.

  9. Graham

    It’s totally o.k. for them to have sex now. For reproductive purposes, only.

    Know what I’m sayin’?

    Pope Rat

  10. SAP

    ***yip-ee-yi-yo-kai-yay … ***

  11. I love the picture! Clearly, that is how one communicates with cowpeople in space.

  12. Congratulations!

    * brands SpaceCowboy

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  14. Thanks, everyone!

    (Forwarding medical bill to Spudsy)

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