Wake Up Call

Spudsy Brand RantMemo to everyone on the planet, minus about 29% of the US population: You don’t have to give George W. Bush everything he wants.

Michael at The Reaction has an excellent piece up today about Bush and the G8 Climate “Deal.” I’d really, really like to be able to say for once that I’m surprised Bush didn’t get exactly what he wanted, but as usual, that’s not the case.

The headline at Canada’s leading newspaper, The Globe and Mail, gets it right: “Climate deal struck — with no firm targets”. Yes, Merkel called the agreement “very great progress and an excellent result,” but, according to the text of the agreement, countries must only “seriously consider” Merkel’s 50 by 2050 plan. As the Post explains, “[u]nder the agreement, nonbinding goals for cutting greenhouse gas emissions would be negotiated by officials from the world’s top emitting nations by the end of next year”. In other words, Bush didn’t give in, he won. “The G-8 language echoes a plan articulated last week” in Bush’s “new framework” speech. His national security adviser, Stephen Hadley, may be saying that the G8 leaders agreed to “a long-term goal, a long-term goal to substantially reduce emissions,” but there is was no actual commitment to do anything at all — other than to hold more talks (when what is needed is concerted leadeship and action). “What the United States proposed, and what I think got endorsement here, is a process whereby all the relevant countries can participate in the selection of that goal,” said Hadley. In other words, Europe, Canada, and Japan may go ahead and do whatever they want. The U.S. — perhaps along with Russia and non-G8 powers like China, India, and Brazil — won’t commit to do anything, and whatever it does do will be on its own terms.

And, once again, Bush gets his way.

Now, obviously, I’m not saying that Bush alone is responsible for this non-deal, but it is striking how, once again, things go Bush’s way on a matter of global importance in which his stance is in direct opposition to pretty much the entire planet. And the press, as usual, gives him a complete pass:

To wit: Given his record — and the low expectations of him with respect to the climate crisis — Bush has been praised just for acknowledging the reality of global warming. Not, that is, for actually doing anything about it, but just for not denying it, like so many on the American right. And isn’t this precisely why he is being praised (or at least not being criticized) for the G8 deal (which, again, is anything but a “compromise” — Bush got what he wanted)? Very little was expected of him leading up to the G8 summit. Blair was optimistic, as he often is, but the conventional wisdom was that the U.S. would block any effort to deal with global warming, including any “compromise” deal that required the U.S. to give in even a little. In the end, the U.S. didn’t really give in at all, and yet Bush is being praised because at least something was accomplished, at least some deal was reached. It may be a hollow deal without any of the necessary commitments, but at least it’s a deal. And so Bush walks away looking good, just because he succeeded in meeting, and indeed in surpassing, the (very) low expectations that everyone had of him.

Will someone please explain to me why Bush is still getting a pass? Why exactly are people so damn afraid to stand up to this guy? This isn’t just a case of low expectations (athough that’s certainly a big part of it); everyone tiptoes around Bush as if they’re worried he might smack them across the face. His approval ratings are in the crapper. He couldn’t be more of a lame duck if he was hanging on a hook in a Chinatown window. Yet, anyone in a position of power that could actually put Bush in his place handles him like a jar of nitroglycerine during an earthquake. As Steve points out, even the true believers are beginning to turn on their Dear Leader:

Wow, they’re being really nasty about Bush’s illness at Liberty Post (link on Steve’s site- PtS) – a right-wing site (“I hope he has late stage Aids and dies”; “Did he choke on his amnesty bill?”). LP is an imitation Free Republic, but the conservatism is of the Ron Paul variety — a lot of people at LP are against the war, and they really hate immigrants.

Some other kind words from the Liberty Post:

–Get well soon…bullsh*tter.

–To El Presidente Jorge Arbusto:
We are all concerned about your recent health issues.
Please plan a LONG recovery and don’t feel you have to come back anytime soon.
In fact, perhaps it would be best if you don’t come back at all.
Goodbye, Jorge, you back stabbing rat.

–I was noting that, too, addy. This guy is a booze hound. I’m sure he was only about a half hour away from fondling Angela Merkel again. And about an hour away from fondling Tony Blair…

Not to mention photos like this:

Liberty Post, by the way, also has a thread titled “Bush Bashing on Free Republic Intensifies.” The Freeper thread linked to contains such gems as:

–He has sabotaged the Republican Party… and America

–They are delusional now, in addition to being anti-American.

–Going to GOP.COM is like entering an alternate reality zone.

Of course, this is all because they’re in a snit over their hurt feelings that Bush isn’t being vicious enough in his immigration policy. Still, it is amusing to see them making the type of statements that are usually being cherry-picked by Michelle Malkin from lefty blogs for her latest “Liberals are MEANIES” doorstop.

When even the hard right froot loops are calling Bush a traitor, it’s simply unacceptable that he isn’t being treated as the unpopular, lame duck, no-friends seat warmer that he is. When a new Stem Cell bill passes, and we know that his response is going to be this:

But the president responded quickly with a written statement that accused majority Democrats of recycling an old measure that he vetoed a year ago. Under the bill, “American taxpayers would for the first time in our history be compelled to support the deliberate destruction of human embryos. Crossing that line would be a grave mistake,” he said in a statement issued in Germany, site of a summit of world leaders.

Then this is not the way to approach him:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., appealed to Bush moments before the bill passed to sheath his “cruel veto pen” and sign legislation that she said could help “save lives, find cures, and give hope to those suffering.”

Vetoing this bill is simply unacceptable. Bush is going against the will of the American people, and that is unacceptable. Bush is continuing to allow unchecked destruction of the planet and that is unacceptable. The opposition needs to stop treating Bush as if he actually was the dictator he so gleefully wishes to be. The man is a failure as President, and there is no reason other than pure cowardice that he is still given carte blanche.

The Bush Administration has been systematically destroying America As We Know It even before day one of their White House theft. When baby steps are being made to return the liberties stolen from us by these Righties Gone Wild, such as the bill attempting to restore Habeas Corpus, the opposition needs to make it known that a veto is not acceptable.

Bush will call you traitors, terrorist enablers, cut and runners and cowards. We know this; it’s the same damn thing every time. When are you people going to stop being afraid of this small, small man’s namecalling and fucking stand up for the people that put you in office and depend on you to fight for us?

Stand up to Bush, and everyone on the planet except for 29% of the US population will be on your side. And many of that 29% wouldn’t raise much of a ruckus if “President Amnesty” was sent away from his seat at the grown-up table. Quit fucking worrying that Glenn Beck or Ann Coulter will say something nasty about you and keep this country from self destructing, goddamn it. Tell it, Turley.

Turley: “The greatest irony of the Bush Administration is that his legacy will be to show the dangers of walking away from those rights that define us. We’re very much alone today. He can’t go to Canada without people protesting, Miss America can’t even go to Mexico without being booed. We’re viewed as a rogue nation and it is a dangerous world to live in when you’re alone.”

Goddamn right.



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13 responses to “Wake Up Call

  1. (You probably can’t tell, but I’m standing and applauding right now)

  2. Melissa McEwan

    Sing it, Spudsy! Sing. It.

  3. anangryoldbroad

    I quit smoking in December,but damn,that was so good I find myself wanting one. Whew. lol

  4. nightshift66

    My theory regarding why the rest of the world tip-toes around him is because they are not certain he wouldn’t order a nuclear strike against them. They are right not to be certain; he is insane, and probably a drunkard as well, and I do not mean those words as hyperbole. He is frightening to the rest of the world because they fully understand that he both has earth-destoying power at his command and that he is as unstable as he claims the leaders of North Korea and Iran are.

    Of course, the Dems are terrified of him because he might say mean things about them. Tom Tomorrow has the perfect cartoon about that revolting development at http://www.workingforchange.com this week.

  5. Gee, that cartoon said it much better than I did, and in half the space! 😉

  6. celticfeminist


    I think you articulated every thought in my head much better than the “fucking sadkhga;ehg[uohent;enva;nv;awekj’qoi24tut09 garrgh grumble grr piss wanker” I could get out.

  7. NonyNony

    I’m still not sure why our own homegrown politicians don’t stand up to the Boy King now, but I’m fairly certain about why the other world leaders don’t.

    They know that the clock is running out on Bush and that, with all likelihood, they’ll still be in office when he’s gone. With the current political climate in the US, they’re probably banking that a more reasonable person will be in office in 2008. Why risk a good diplomatic relationship with the US now when if you just “go along, get along” in another year and a half you’ll be able to negotiate with someone smarter and less sociopathic? And you’ll have a better chance of them coming to the table with positions closer to your own in the first place.

    Standing up to Bush outside of the US means confronting not just Bush, but the US. Those are some damn scary potential repercussions for long term foreign policy. A better bet is to stand up to him on things you know are disastrous (like his demands that Europe send more troops to Iraq) and just wait out the rest of his term with smiles, nods and vague promises about the future.

    (Putin seems to be the only world leader ready to rock the boat, probably because Russia DOESN’T have a great diplomatic relationship with the US and it has only gotten worse over the last 6 years. And Putin is going to pick his battles for things he wants to fight, and not greenhouse gas emissions which might end up hurting him personally, given his stake in Russian oil fields.)

  8. SAP

    Lessee: drunken, crazy President with a nuclear arsenal and Dick Cheney waiting for him to screw up so that he can personally take over and do things himself.

    Yeah, I’d be kinda worried about him, too, but for totally different reasons. Those (not to mention some other doozies) are all really good reasons to impeach him and Dead-Eye Dick. Like, right now.

  9. Why risk a good diplomatic relationship with the US now when if you just “go along, get along” in another year and a half you’ll be able to negotiate with someone smarter and less sociopathic?

    I don’t know, I think it’s a little crazy to just sit back and “run out the clock” when you’re dealing with someone this dangerous.

  10. NonyNony

    SAP & Paul –

    Sure, good reasons for US to get him out of office. Good reasons for domestic politicians to kick his ass out of office. Not good reasons for, say, Germany to pick a fight with the US over global warming policies. They have to go to negotiations with the US president they have, not the one they wish they had, after all.

    What exactly are they supposed to do anyway? Sign a treaty without the US? It doesn’t do any good if we aren’t a signatory – they already had Kyoto and it fell apart because the biggest gorilla in the room wasn’t ready to put its muscle behind the treaty and was, in fact, attempting to undermine the spirit of the treaty at every turn. Bush was going to get his way on this no matter what because it all really does depend (this time) on the US coming to the table and being willing to negotiate in good faith with the other nations. Bush isn’t going to do that so they really do have no choice but to either express disappointement and say they got nothing or spin it as “well, at least the US leader has stopped denying that there’s a problem”-type progress.

    Now domestic politicians have no excuse – they should be on his ass daily and the stakes are high enough that impeachment really shouldn’t be “off the table”. And running down the clock internally is bad, bad tactics to be using against a bad actor like Bush. But why would we expect a foreign leader to stand up to Bush when our own internal OPPOSITION PARTY won’t do it? I’m sorry, I just can’t blame Merkel and the other G8 leaders[*] for not standing up to him this time around.

    [*] Except for empty-suit Tony Blair. If I believed in Hell I’d say that there’s a circle waiting for him when he dies where he has to deal with what his short-sighted political pandering to Bush has wrought on Iraq. And every time he passes up an opportunity to call Bush to the carpet is one more lifetime he spends in torment. But I don’t believe in Hell, so I can only hope that some day his conscience un-atrophies and he has to deal emotionally with what he has done these last 5 years.

  11. Nik E Poo

    Oh hell yeah Spud!

    Why exactly are people so damn afraid to stand up to this guy?

    Because they are afraid that Bush would kill them. Which is, not outside the realm of possibilities … all things considered.

  12. Graham

    He can’t go to Canada without people protesting,

    Hey people, I’m a Canuck. We can hate your government, but not hate you.

    I’ve met countless Americans in my life (we are next door neighbours, after all). I treat them like I treat anybody else. Are you nice or are you an asshole? Most of them turn out to be pretty nice.

    I think people in most countries feel the same way.

    Your president’s an asshole, though.

  13. Your president’s an asshole, though.

    I came on to say that Nonynony has hit it. It’s pathetic. It’s the reason the planet is in a mess and getting messier. But I bet that’s it.

    PaulMyFavoriteSpud is also right that it seems crazy to run out the clock when it means we may not have a clock anymore pretty soon. But these are all professional politicians, remember.

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