Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

American Gladiators




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11 responses to “Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

  1. DBK

    They’re ba-ack!

  2. What happened to Turbo?

  3. Angelos

    Where’s Malibu?

  4. Melissa McEwan

    This was an early season. They weren’t around yet.

  5. That show was a great guilty pleasure that wasn’t even that guilty. If you overlook the preposterous ‘roid usage, anyway. Ah, more innocent days . . .

  6. Bitty

    You’re constantly digging up shows that I had COMPLETELY forgotten about. What a kick.

  7. Is it wrong that I find myself watching the show some nights at 10?
    My brother tells me that a number of the former gladiators are personal trainers here in Los Angeles these days.

  8. JoshNC

    You can find this show many times on ESPN Classic. It truly is one of the classic shows of the ’90s and talk about ‘roid usage, wow.

  9. SAP

    That show was so awesome.

  10. I particularly liked it when a quick-‘n-nimble firefighter would come in and completely dominate. (Did you notice that at least half of the contestants were emergency workers?) In one of the swing-from-the-rings events, the gladiator came in fast, and the contestant literally did a backflip, leaving the gladiator to crash to the floor. Ah, if only we had lolcat grammar then. “I’M IN UR ARENA, KILLIN UR GLADIATORZ”

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