The Virtual Pub is Open

TFIF, Shakers. I don’t know about any of you, but I need a damn drink!

Belly up to the bar and name your poison, lovelies.



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203 responses to “The Virtual Pub is Open

  1. PortlyDyke

    Oh, if only I had refreshed my browser seconds earlier! Please pour me a virtual Tanq and tonic, and a real-life virgin mary (working later).

  2. Litbrit

    Evening everyone.

    A big bottle of the usual sparkly stuff, please, and glasses for all who wish to join me.

    Need a damned drink is right.

  3. Angelos

    Hey doodz!

  4. nightshift66

    Greetings, all. I believe I’ll switch off tonight from my usual Rum & Coke to a Bloody Mary. And make it a triple!

  5. PortlyDyke


    I was going to inquire about the bubbly/sparkly, litbrit, but I wanted to leave you in hiatus-ville, if that’s where you’re wanting to stay.

    I’d join you in a glass, though, and Sis, that big bottle is on me, in support of over-worked mothers everywhere. 😉

  6. PortlyDyke

    Give night the extra gin from my virgin

  7. isabelita

    Good evening! I’d love a flute of bubbly, litbrit, and the next magnum is on me!

  8. This bar makes me feel all funny… down there.

    Mai Tai, please… I’m missing Trader Vic’s.

  9. Dr. Loveless

    Don’t use up the rum … There’s a Mai Tai in there with my name on it.

  10. PortlyDyke

    BTW spud — your rant pic is the cutest!

  11. Nik E Poo

    I’ll have a yard of your finest ale … and another of whatever SubliminalDyke is having.

  12. Nik E Poo

    BTW spud — your rant pic is the cutest!


  13. PortlyDyke

    Nik E — thx for showing up early! ***** smooching you

  14. mamajane

    Mama’s had a rough-ass week, something strong and amnesia inducing please. I need something that will put me to sleep with a smile on my face.

    Portly Dyke, this over worked mom thanks you!

  15. Nik E Poo

    Hugs (((PortlyDyke)))

  16. BTW spud — your rant pic is the cutest!



    Thank you.

  17. Don’t use up the rum … There’s a Mai Tai in there with my name on it.

    I’ve been looking for the proper rum to make a *real* Trader Vic’s Mai Tai… and man, it’s going to cost a pretty penny. But I suppose I can’t expect perfection to be cheap, eh?

  18. Goood Evening, All! Might I have a… oh, what’s it called… oh, yeah – a beer! Guinness, of course!

  19. PortlyDyke

    PaulSpud — did you ever go to the Portland Trader Vic’s with the metal palm-fronds around the top?

  20. Not yet, PortlyDyke. I unfortunately don’t get all that much time (or have the funds) to do a lot of pleasure traveling, but visiting every US Trader Vic’s is on my “do this before I croak” list. 😉

    Fortunately, I have this to help me.

  21. PortlyDyke

    When I’m back from work, I’ll be having some of SAP’s.

    mamajane — waving at you from across the Sound. (My favorite Jesus joke is “Peter, I can see your house from up here”.)

  22. Took a great cooking class down in LA last December called Pirating Trader Vic’s and we learned the real mai tai plus all the food to go with it–crab rangoon, coconut shrimp, etc. So everyone come over to my virtual place! (Can’t fit all of you in real life, I’m afraid.)

  23. PortlyDyke

    Don’t worry, Spud, UR imagination is probably better, anyway.

  24. * elbows way into George’s place *

    We’re having a housewarming party soon, and I’m planning on making it Trader Vic’s themed… I’m actually going to try making Rumaki. 🙂 Then everyone will have a heart attack.

  25. Nik E Poo

    Portland Trader Vic’s with the metal palm-fronds around the top?

    Sorry to barge in … is that the one on Broadway?

  26. Have you ever tried chocolate port? Oh, my.

  27. PortlyDyke

    Sorry to barge in … is that the one on Broadway?

    Was — I don’t think the palm-fronded front exists anymore (sigh) — but it was worth a look when it was still around.

  28. George, here’s the MaiTai recipe that is supposedly the “real” Trader Vic’s recipe. I got it from this book, and I trust the Beachbum. Is yours any different?

    1 1/2 oz. fresh lime juice
    1/2 oz. Curacao
    1/4 oz. rock candy syrup
    1 oz. aged Jamaican rum
    1 oz. Martinique rum

    Serve in a double old-fashioned glass filled with crushed ice and spent lime shell, garnish with mint sprig.

    Trader Vic: “Anyone who says I didn’t create this drink is a dirty stinker.” 😀

  29. PortlyDyke

    Trust me, it’s the rock candy syrup that really does the trick.

  30. Trust me, it’s the rock candy syrup that really does the trick.

    😀 Hee! Beachbum Berry claims what really gives it the special “Vic’s” flavor is the Martinique rum. Of course, that’s the really expensive stuff. Le sigh.

  31. Nik E Poo

    fresh lime juice

    I always sub lime juice … with Key Lime juice … because its fabulous!

  32. Just make sure it’s fresh, Nik.. I don’t want to find any bottles of Rose’s in your place… *shakes fist*

  33. PortlyDyke

    C’mon Spud — I was trying to give the cheapsters a break here — as everyone knows, rock candy syrup can be obtained from any passing carnie 🙂

    And Nik E — fabulousness must be maintained, at all cost.

  34. txrad

    Kona said he’s not commenting unless somebody begs him to do so.

  35. rock candy syrup can be obtained from any passing carnie

    LOL! But you don’t want to know where they get it from. Those guys hang out with clowns, after all…

  36. txrad

    Kona is pissed at me now!

  37. nightshift66

    Thank ye kindly, PortlyDyke. I can use the extra gin. It’s been a “head’s on fire, and ass is catchin'” week. Sounds like I’m not the only one, either.

  38. txrad

    Kona just banned me from the pub. Can he do that?

  39. nightshift66

    OK, kona, I’ll beg. What would the night be without your… unique… perspective on things? 🙂

  40. mamajane

    PortlyDyke- which side of the sound? I’m smack dab in the middle, need to know which way to turn and wave back! 😉

  41. PortlyDyke

    Oh, sure — first it’s going to be “somebody”, then it’s going to “somebody important”, and then it’s going to be “somebody who is a listed soapboxer or stormy petrel” and THEN where will we be?

  42. PortlyDyke

    mamajane — turn to the west — and wave hearty — I really can probably SEE your house from where I am!

  43. Some of us don’t respond to attention-seeking behavior. *sniff*


  44. Oooh! Dinner’s here!

  45. PortlyDyke

    That should have been:

    txrad:Kona said he’s not commenting unless somebody begs him to do so.

    PortlyDYke: Oh, sure — first it’s going to be “somebody”, then it’s going to “somebody important”, and then it’s going to be “somebody who is a listed soapboxer or stormy petrel” and THEN where will we be?

    And no, txrad — I do not believe that he can ban you from the pub — unless he’s tied you up and you cannot type.

    That said:

    Oh please, Kona, please please please — will you join me for a drink?

  46. PortlyDyke

    Bon Appetit, Spud!

  47. nightshift66

    My dinner was… chicken salad. Oh, joy. Very healthy, very life-affirming, very… rabbit food. Blah. But Baby wants me to live for some reason, so I shall try to make her happy.

  48. nightshift66

    Now, to counter balance that healthy crap, I shall excuse myself to step outside for a coffin nail. Back in 10.

  49. konagod, any visitations by the fuzz, the pigs, 5-0, etc. today?

  50. ‘Scuse me, I mean Dr. Flicker 8)

  51. Graham

    I just bought a ticket on the Lotto and I feel confident I’m going win.

    A round for the house on me, bartender. And keep ’em coming.

  52. txrad

    He’s always telling me where my place is.

  53. Bitty

    Kona, I almost never drink, but I’ll have something if you’ll pour it.

    And why does the Discernably Turgid Pub appear empty?

  54. nightshift66

    ’cause it’s early yet, Bitty. Just us cheap-os who came for the happy hour drink specials.

  55. Bitty

    Guess it depends on where you are. It’s nearly 9 here. Time to either party or go to sleep; not sure which.

  56. txrad

    It’s HAPPY HOUR?

  57. Bitty

    kona, is that really you, posing as txrad?

  58. nightshift66

    Sure, txrad. Melissa promised us all free drinks the first hour here. Or was that just me?

  59. Please kona sir, would you come and drink a Michelada with me?

  60. kona’s being petulant. Wait, what does that make petulant?

  61. PortlyDyke

    axtually — crooked pussiez drink free 2night *measuring the top and bottom of my pussiez, determining whether they line up, pivoting to one side to be sure they don’t*

  62. PortlyDyke

    Joining nightshift for a coffin nail.

  63. Hallo, all. What’s the special tonight?

  64. Bitty

    Geez, kona. I waited as long as I could. I have kids to drag out of the tub. You all have a splendid evening.

  65. Mine’s a dram of the brandy Admiral Lord Nelson was pickled in after Trafalgar. In a dirty glass.

    Hey, it’s virtual! XD

    Just got time for a quick drink before I’m off to Azeroth. Five more levels and my draenei priest can Shadowform. Woot. So how’s things?

  66. nightshift66

    guess I’ll drift off and play a game for a while.

  67. PortlyDyke

    Go Moira — On to Azeroth! I’m off to work soon, and have given my absolutely first and last begging ever to Kona. (Hey, if Kona doesn’t know what a top’s really s’posed to do, that’s Kona’s problem).

    Kisses to you, Ms. Moira/Streep, and I’ll probably retire to my second life after work.

    ‘Night all — (unless I come back)

  68. Angelos

    Drinking my own homebrew here too…

    Coffee Stout

  69. pidomon

    I could use an icwe cold Bud and a frog licker please

  70. pidomon

    did everyone know it is national bingo night in amerucia?
    There was no bingo and some woman won 50 grand and al is right across the world

  71. Well, since I’ve lost my target audience.

    You know us.. Nielsen ratings and all that shit….

    crosby stills & fucking nash

    Or is it crosby fucking stills & nash.


    I forgot what I had to say.

  72. Evening, All. And P-Dog, glad you’re here! Didn’t mean to blow you off yesterday, I’m just not Skype-savvy enough to know when I have company!:)

    Somebody pass me something cold, eh?

  73. Kona, you bad boy, playing hard to get…

  74. I think it’s Cross, Be Still and Gnash…

  75. Hello…

    A really big cold beer would be nice.

  76. stop lettin’ them skeeters in.

    Blooduckers. They chew me til I’m blind.

  77. Hey Marked, how, ’bout a growler of something local?

  78. ‘Sup TCR! Care for a Stout?

  79. Sounds good to me TCR.

    Funny thing today… MSM had to break their coverage of Paris Hilton’s house to do actual news reporting of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff being replaced.

  80. Man, this pub is slower ‘n a pResidential reading of “The Pet Goat.”

  81. I just snaeezred snot all over my jackie o outfit.

    was that irish chick so much different from that bitch that swore she was nice?

  82. …or more to the point, “How dare they!”

  83. Man, this pub is slower ‘n a pResidential reading of “The Pet Goat.”

    He can read?

    I kid, I kid…

  84. I just posted about that on my Brandie-New Blog. Wish i wasn’t just talking to myself… (hinthinthint)

  85. He’s a special up-side-down reader.

  86. Yeah baby, shoot that bottle right now!

    Finihsh it 0ff.

  87. I talk to myself all the time… it’s fun.

    Just don’t start answering yourself, or the people in white coats come to take you away. 🙂

  88. PortlyDyke

    Cunning — just gettin’ prepped for work.

    Repeat to yourself: I am not alone. I am not alone.

  89. What’s p-Dpg gpt t p dp wotj otj

  90. KGBoy, we’re staring down growlers, so be patient! 🙂

  91. jess’ a second hand emulsion, my man…

  92. I am not alone.

    But txrad just stopped some shit from playing.

    oh, no he didn’t.

    it’s nickel creek.

  93. I am not alone…

    (jeezuhs, better put the pants back on…)

  94. KGBoy, we’re staring down growlers, so be patient!

    Patience is a virtue but I ain’t got the time.

  95. Virtue is over-rated, time somewhat less so…

  96. Stare at my comedic quotient.

  97. suck it up amongst yourselves

  98. kona, pull ’em up. You’re in public.

  99. AAARRGGHH! Firefox froze up on me and I tried to use Internet Exploder and my comment got moderated and I had to restart my computer and…. somebody call the fuckin’ WAAAAMULANCE!!!

  100. Y’uns (that’s special NC mountain speak fer y’all) need to read the Runts words. Them’s is good!

  101. And TCR, I was just messing witcha anyway

  102. hello? is this thing on? “is there anybody out there (out there, out there)”?

  103. Yeah I’m back, got booted somehow…

  104. Good to see you lad, and thanks for the kind words!

  105. How’s Life in the ‘Bago?

  106. I got the dreaded “Internal 500 error” on my last comment…

  107. Humid and stormy here in NC? How’s MA?

  108. Me too! Must be NASCAR’s bid to take over The Tubes! 🙂

  109. Gorgeous weather, a bit of transient inclemency and lots o’ sunshine!

  110. Kona, cher, what did txrad make for supper?

    D’ya empty tonight’s bottle of tequila yet?

  111. Must be NASCAR’s bid to take over The Tubes! 🙂

    HAHAHA! I had the same thought!

  112. Thanks for the moss link, I booked it.

  113. Very cool photos, got me out again a few times this week

  114. Yeah, some nice stuff – even if it’s waaay down there on the ground!

  115. Mot so distant for me :lol;

  116. ooo! How you get laughy face?

  117. I think I’ve contracted the dreaded pub finger!

  118. I hain’t been able to figger that’n out.

  119. went with : and lol and :

  120. …all run together, ya know…

  121. Ridin’ the learnin’ curve!

  122. Where’d everybody else go? (no diss on you TCR)

  123. Jee-zhus, looks like we skeered the normal folks away…

  124. I’m a real straight shooter if you know what I mean.

  125. ‘cept kona, he ain’t normal and he’s gone too!

  126. As Robin Williams says: “Joke ’em if they can’t take a fuck!”

  127. I ain’t gone yet bitch.

  128. 😆 😆 😆 this is fun! Simple, but fun!

  129. Phydeaux, isn’t that my line?

  130. My brother once said, when told to go straight to bed, replied “I’ll go, but I’m gonna walk crooked!”

  131. Sorry, kona, didn’t mean to step on your lines (I hate it when actors do that).

  132. txrad says “I have long breaths.”

  133. Is he bogarting the bowl?

  134. Nobody stepped on my lines.

    They got walk on me written all over ’em.

  135. Ah reckon the Runt got kicked out agin!

  136. The “Decidedly Turgid Pub” has turned into the “Decidedly Torpid Pub”….

  137. Angelos

    So what’s shakin’?

  138. Angelos

    Yeah, back again…

  139. Yeah, I got the 500 lashes…

  140. Angelos


    Well, gay opera He-Man may shake things up a bit.

  141. Whoah, Angelos, a veritable hoot!

  142. Holy SHIT! That was hi-larmious!!!!

  143. So Gents, I’m faidin’. Sorry to say, I won’t make Bar-Push tonight.

  144. Later on, Brother Runt! I’m bout ready to pay my virtual tab and bolt, too.

  145. Thanks for the vid, Angelos!

  146. You know, anyone with Melissa’s ear ought to suggest this become a skype chat; it’s so much more real-time and engaging. Watching the weegie-pencils go and all…

  147. Have a good’un, y’all!

  148. Good idea – although it’s hard to keep up w/ all the comments sometimes.

  149. True, and this can be a bigger room…

  150. We could have both, and jump back and forth and really get confused!

  151. Anyway, I’m outta here, have a good night, and don’t let the repubs bite!

  152. True Dat, and I’m a gonner!

  153. Me, too! Hasta la bye bye!

  154. Angelos, I think I prefer Bohemian Rhapsody.

    I didn’t know Skeletor could sing!

  155. Sorry for my absence, all. I just got home from working an 8AM-9PM shift today, and I’m tired as hell. I’ll just take an iced tea and sit quietly for a few.

  156. And everyone scratches out on me. Was it the smell? I totally need a shower.

  157. Nik E Poo

    Was it the smell? I totally need a shower.

    Totally not you sweetie. I just had 7 people “pop by”. Uh oh … time for emergency snack foods! I hope I don’t run out of beer and Margs!

  158. PortlyDyke

    Hello – lo – lo – lo – lo!

  159. Ooo, hey PD! *blushes*

    Well, I’m fully showered now and off to bed. We could always plan a get together tomorrow, same Bat time, same Bat Virtual Pub. In any case, night all. *MMMMMWHA*

  160. PortlyDyke

    Oh Jack! (((portly hugs)))

  161. Nik E Poo

    Heeeelllloooo Possums!

  162. PortlyDyke

    *yawn* Whaaaa? That you, Nik E Poo?

  163. Nik E Poo

    hehe … still half in the bag … but I’m popping in to check up on ya

  164. Nik E Poo

    Its too early for a west-coaster to be tired! Have a shot!

  165. Hey, I’m back from a really good show. Anyone still up?

  166. PortlyDyke

    Oh Nikster — I wandered off into SL and had a shot at another virtual tavern (I’m such a slut).

    Hi Tata!

    Still up, but distracted.

  167. Hey love – haven’t read back yet. Good night?

  168. Hey, it’s still open. Beer me! 🙂

  169. *sniffle* Not open. Fine, I’ll get my own beer and go to bed. G’night, y’all. Sleep tight.


  170. Moira! Nik! PortlyDyke (hugs galore)! Hope you all had a good night! I’m having a hard time getting some zzz’s at the moment. Blargh.

  171. PortlyDyke

    Dang Jack — we just keep missing our date. Sorry you’re sleepless. I’m still up, after fascinating excursions to other virtual lands.

    If anyone’s up for closing the bar with me, type away.

  172. MR. Bill

    It’s almost 7am in Fabulous Blue Ridge GA, and it’s a work day for yourstruly..

  173. nainam

    I am writing this too late—never mind, maybe someone will read it.

    I just want to say that Bailey’s Irish Cream is one of the most devilish drinks ever invented. You can just keep drinking it on the rocks, thinking it’s coffee-flavored chocolate milk, until—

    Well, all of you who have awakened the next morning after this experience know what I mean.

    My daughter and I did this about 3 Christmas Eves ago, stayed up all night drinking Bailey’s and rehashing our lives. And if you ever saw two pathetic women crawl out of bed the next morning and try to make “Christmas happen” for their kids and grandkids….I mean, it was Extremely Painful but thank goodness the kids were so happy with their presents that I don’t think they noticed.

    So tonight, I am drinking a mild Bombay Sapphire with club soda and a lot of lime.

  174. Is someone going to shut that red head up? Or do I?

    Kurt Cobain rocks fot those of you who don’t know it.

    He is even a salve.

    For an open wound.

    It’s your heartshaped box.

  175. I meant “fot ‘dose of you”

  176. Damn, when did Stevie Wonder get so fat?

    He’s got some hips and backside on him!

  177. But Natalie has Nat King’s eyes. I just saw ’em.

  178. Nancy Wilson is so skinny she has to move her whole body around to get the sound to come out, whereas my favorite big fat black bitchez can stand in one spot, motionless, and kick your ass out of your chair.

    It is an Ella tribute, after all. High Def.

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