Friday Blogwhoring

What’s blogwhoring got to do, got to do with it?

Recommended Reading:

BlondeSense Liz: Menopausal Women Are Hot. Deal with it.

TPM Cafe: Edwards: If Rudy Embraces Bush, Then “He’ll Never Be President”

Arlen: Close Bush Family Friend Implicated in $2B Bribery Scandal

Sheelzebub: Support Progressives Everywhere

The Thin Black Duke: Teaching Women a Lesson


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12 responses to “Friday Blogwhoring

  1. SAP

    I kiss CNN goodbye.

  2. Let’s see:

    -A very special prom at Riverdale Christian Academy

    -The worst part of our treatment of Iraqis

    -I see a developing strategy in John Edwards’ recent remarks, and I like it

  3. Buck Rogers Disco Dancing, Hello Kitty Laptops, Homemade relationship/dildo comic strips, non sequitur and null set blogging and the week’s Random Ten, all available over at Incertus. (There’s also haiku going on in one of the comment threads, but we’re keeping that on the down low.)

  4. I review an “aht” show. That’s an art show for those of you who don’t live near Boston.

  5. Rob Lowe kills bird on golf course, which is bad, but way better than shooting someone in the face when trying to kill a bird.



  6. Congrats to George!

    I have the latest, even-longer-than-usual installment of Rightwing Cartoon Watch posted.

  7. grape_crush

    Yesterday, I got a bit peeved and had to refute Dick Armey’s talking points from 2005 over at Time’s Swampland.

  8. I’ve got a lovely transcript of a transaction at a large bank and what customer service is today…..

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