Creation Museum’s Adam Has Naughty Past


The man who plays Adam in a video aired at a Bible-based creationist museum has led a different life outside the Garden of Eden, flaunting his sexual exploits online and modeling for a clothing line that promotes free love.

Oh noz! Not sexual exploits and free love! Help me, Jebus!

After learning about his activities Thursday, the Creation Museum in Kentucky pulled the 40-second video in which he appears.

“We are currently investigating the veracity of these serious claims of his participation in projects that don’t align with the biblical standards and moral code upon which the ministry was founded,” Answers for Genesis spokesman Mark Looy said in a written statement.

LOL. Hmm. Is owning a website called “Bedroom Acrobat” on which one “has been pictured, smiling alongside a drag queen, in a T-shirt brandishing the site’s sexually suggestive logo” irreconcilable with the biblical standards and moral code of the Creation Museum, or isn’t it?! It’s too close to call! I’m on pins and needles waiting for the conclusion of their investigation!

The actor, Eric Linden … also sells clothing for SFX International, whose initials appear on clothing to spell “SEX” from afar. It promotes “free love,” “pleasure” and “thrillz.”

Only thrillz? What about spillz and chillz? If it’s only thrillz, that’s not such a big deal, but if SFX also promotes spillz and chillz, I can see where Answers for Genesis might be right to be concerned.

Then again, Linden, borrowing a page from the other rightwing rentboys posterboys with sordid pasts, has said he’s no longer affiliated with the site, so big whoop, people. Although, he maybe should have also borrowed the page in which he unconvincingly attests to be a true believer in the cause, because this “reasonable” shit isn’t going to fly with the wingers:

Linden said he is very proud to play Adam. “But just because I’m Adam on the screen, that doesn’t mean I’m Adam off the screen,” he said. “What I do shouldn’t have anything to do with who they think Adam is.”

…”For the Creation Museum, I did what I did as an actor. It doesn’t necessarily mean I believe in evolution or a believe in creation,” Linden said. “I’m hired to get a point across. On the flip side, if I was hired to play a murderer, that doesn’t mean I’d go out and kill somebody. It’s make-believe.”

In ironic related news, Linden’s website announces his next project will be a television show called I’m in Hell, in which he has evidently been cast as Jason Biggs’ double.

From the Garden of Eden straight to Hell. His career’s already spanned more ground than most struggling actors’ ever will.



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27 responses to “Creation Museum’s Adam Has Naughty Past

  1. amish451

    Uhh…the creationists real Adam was ejected from the garden, and so now they expect to find divinity in an actor …..the irony will certainly escape them …

  2. Jay in Oregon

    From Eric Linden’s site:
    Wow… thank you to the press people freaking out over nothing 🙂 Simply because I bought a domain name, that is ALL, I don’t have control over what is on it, nor does it reflect my beliefs!! However, people such as Julie Carr Smyth, feel its necessary to attack the Creation Museum in anyway possible… Why??… Maybe because they are right?(1) I was hired as a actor, not a spokes person!!

    These people are seeing the tree and not the forrest. Which would be, that the Creation Museum is a wonderful place, that takes you thru space and time… And they show you another point of view that really needs to be heard, without force feeding you. You can simply walk through this amazing museum, and leave with your own opinion!!

    So thank you so much for blowing things out of proportion… you forgot to mention that I got a speeding ticket 2 and half years ago too.

    Adam was the one who brought sin into the world, and apparently I have brought it into the Creation Museum, and for that I sincerely apologize… And that would be a paradox(2) ladies and gentlemen.

    (1) We see Rush Limbaugh’s favorite tactic: “People are attacking (me/them) because they can’t stand the truth”

    (2) That would probably be “irony”, not a paradox. You dolt.

    I think it’s safe to say that most people don’t give a flying fuck about Eric Linden, about “bedroom acrobats” or the Creation Museum.

    Conservative Christianity as a belief system is protected by the First Amendment — you want to believe in God and Jesus and live by the words of the Bible, it’s no skin off of my nose.

    However, conservative Christianity as a political philosophy — that is, something that is being promoted as the ideal way of governing for the benefit of all — is subject to the same vigorous debate as any other political philosophy. And one of the easiest criticisms of that philosophy is that there seem to be a lot of people who expouse it that are incapable or unwilling to live by its tenets themselves.

  3. Some days, it is worth chewing through the straps…

  4. oddjob

    A mediocre movie about a missionary, entitled End of the Spear, was released in 2006 and it had a similar controversy surrounding it. The lead was played by actor/gay activist Chad Allen.

  5. MR. Bill

    Having been one, expecting ‘decent’ or ‘normal’ behavior from an actor i sorta like expecting fidelity from a Windsor…

  6. MR. Bill

    crap, should say ‘is sorta like’. carry on.

  7. (Sorry — that’s not an exact analogy, is it? Chad Allen’s career doesn’t seem risqué at all; he was just in a Christian-themed movie and was — gasp! — gay.)

  8. Todd

    Hahaha – your spillz and chillz line cracked me up.

    I love this quote – “But just because I’m Adam on the screen, that doesn’t mean I’m Adam off the screen,” he said.

    I’m not really an Adam, but I play one on TV!

    Jesus Christ (pun intended), when are these biblical blowhards going to realize that when they delve into the realm of “the arts” for their dramatic passion plays, they’re going to inevitably deal with kinky actor types, gays, bimbos, and all sorts of “sinful” denizens. Get over it, beotch!

  9. Well, the situation is funny anyway, Liss, but you made it funnier.

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  11. Perhaps the Creation Museum was going to the source for Adam’s first words to Eve: “Stand back, lady; I don’t know how big this thing will get.”

  12. Given the look they wanted for Adam, this isn’t a terrible shock, but it’s still damn funny!

    Slap a saddle on that dinosaur, kids! Yee-haw!

  13. A mediocre movie about a missionary, entitled End of the Spear, was released in 2006 and it had a similar controversy surrounding it. The lead was played by actor/gay activist Chad Allen.

    i recall reading somewhere that one of the producers conceded hiring Allen was a grave mistake and he’d try better in the future to not hire any homosexuals.

  14. shen

    i really wish teh nets had been around for Jesus….

    “‘look, during the day it is all water to wine and healing sick people, but what i do at night is my own affair and not yours.'”

    “Jesus has come under fire recently for his web domain ‘new testement style’ which features R and X rated photos of himself with one Mary Magdalene…..”

  15. Constant Comment

    So, maybe it was Adam and Steve after all?

  16. Whoa, whoa WHOA. The End Of The Spear??? How is that NOT automatically gay porn? I haven’t been so tickled pink since that time when thugs spraypainted me magenta and forcibly tickled me.

  17. redlegphi

    I didn’t quite get why you’re calling him a “rightwing posterboy”. As he said, he’s an actor who took a job. The job doesn’t reflect his personal beliefs, it just pays him money. I would guess that he would just as happily appear in a film about Evolution if somebody paid him.

  18. Melissa McEwan

    I didn’t quite get why you’re calling him a “rightwing posterboy”.

    Because the Creation Museum is rightwing and they hired him to be a very specific (i.e. beefcake pinup, or poster) potrayal of Adam.

  19. How about “be fruitful and multiply”? What does the bible ever actually say against sex?

  20. shen

    against sex? very little. in fact if it were ‘teh holy (shit) bible’ it would be banned for the amount of begetting that goes on in it.

    incest, rape, murder. it is a family values book damn it!

  21. shen

    sorry, “weren’t” as in weren’t teh holy ishka-bibble

  22. oddjob

    How is that NOT automatically gay porn?

    Easy. It matters not the conversation or its subject. Sooner or later every conversation will have an unintended double entendre. If you don’t know that, you haven’t spent enough time with gay men, some of whom are very, very adept at finding that double entendre and embarrassing you for having said it.

  23. It’s make-believe.

    Well, there’s the problem. He didn’t get that the story he was acting was “nonfiction” to these people.

    It seems weird to me that they’d be all upset about finding out that Adam, of ALL the Biblical characters, had had sex, or had been involved in anything to do with sex. Isn’t that the whole point of the story of Adam? That he fell from innocence and had sex with a woman? I mean, if Adam remained virginal and pure and untouched by teh sex, wouldn’t it mean that there’d be no believers around today to complain about actors who also wouldn’t be around?

  24. Am I the only one bothered by the fact that he wrote “forrest” instead of “forest”? Seriously, that troubles me way more than any of this creationism/sin stuff.

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