Fuck you, Michael Vick

It says something of the society that we’re living in when one of the more popular players in the nation’s most popular sporting league viciously abuses dogs, and no one wants to make too big a deal of it.

But the evidence is overwhelming – Michael Vick is a demented, dog-torturing fuck. When you’re a licensed dog breeder who owns a house where dog fighting takes place and has been called a “heavyweight” of dog fighting, I’m willing to forgo a jury’s affirmation and go out on a limb – Michael Vick likes to watch dogs kill each other for his amusement.

The NFL has made an effort to “clean up” its image, notably, suspending Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones for the 2007 for multiple legal infractions. If they are to have any credibility in this arena, however, Vick needs to be dealt with at least equal harshness.

Sheriff: QB will be charged if investigators can find evidence

On April 25, a search of the house owned by the Atlanta Falcons quarterback and inhabited by his cousin, Davon Boddie, uncovered drug paraphernalia and 66 dogs in the backyard. A search warrant affidavit said some of the dogs were in individual kennels and about 30 were tethered with “heavy logging-type chains” buried in the ground.

The chains allowed the dogs to get close to each other but not to have contact, one of myriad findings on the property that suggested a dogfighting operation.

Others included a rape stand, used to hold non-receptive dogs in place for mating; an electric treadmill modified to be used by dogs; a “pry bar” used to open the clamped-down mouths of dogs; and a bloodied piece of carpeting the authorities believe was used in dog fights. Carpeting gives dogs traction in a plywood fighting pit.

Torturing dogs for one’s own amusement is not the byproduct of a troubled or difficult youth. It’s the type of things serial killers do, actually. And if the NFL doesn’t put their foot down on Vick’s throat for encouraging dogs to rip out each others throats, then they are equally culpable. Without a thorough investigation, followed by harsh punishment, the NFL will be forever marked as a league that endorses animal abuse.



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31 responses to “Fuck you, Michael Vick

  1. Melissa McEwan

    I’m so with you.

    The description of what was found at his residence turned my stomach.

  2. Don’t expect the NFL to go too far out on a limb here without a charge. Remember, it took multiple infractions and a new Commissioner who wanted to make his mark on the NFL to get the recent suspensions of Jones, Henry, and Tank Johnson. And those guys aren’t nearly the ratings makers that Vick is (though his star is falling of late).

    And not to defend Vick, but I don’t think the NFL should make a move without charges being brought. They’re not doing the investigation–the Sheriff is–and they have to depend on law enforcement to some extent. But if and when proof positive that Vick was involved comes up, then yeah, they need to throw the book at him.

  3. celticfeminist

    As a dedicated animal rescue volunteer, this kind of stuff makes my blood boil. I’ve seen the results of animal abuse and little makes me despair more about the human condition. For if people can do that to a helpless animal …

    Michael Vick needs to be thrown in jail for years. No one, no fucking one, who does that to dogs (or any animals, for that matter) deserves the privilege of walking free. That’s a sick fucking man, right there.


  4. Angelos

    There needs to be more hard evidence here, but not only will he be suspended for at least a year, Arthur Blank will cut his ass.

    Commish Gooddell could easily suspend Pacman Jones and Chris Henry because of the overwhelming number of incidents, and Tank Johnson because there was an actual conviction.

    I think he needs to wait for actual indictment-level evidence in this case. I’m sure it’s out there, but at this point all we really have is Vick being an absentee landlord of a property where dog-fighting occurred.

  5. he is a sick, sick being.

    and a chickenshit.

    man, ha! he’s no man. let’s see him get into a ring, naked, with a dog.

    then he can say it’s a sport!

  6. To be fair, the NFL should wait to decide on what to do with Vick until after law enforcement is done with its investigation. If he is charged, he should definitely be suspended, and maybe even if he isn’t. From another article, it looks like the sheriff’s office is trying to find witnesses to Vick’s involvement.

  7. nightshift66

    Let’s assume for the sake of argument that Vick is eventually proven to be involved directly with dog-fighting (a big assumption, BTW; the history of NFL stars in trouble shows that somehow, all the unknowns around them gets found guilty, but the athlete was just standing there, doing nothing).

    There are criminal penalties in most states for breeding and fighting dogs, but they vary state to state. In my state, it is a fine not to exceed $5,000 and not more than three years in the pennitentiary, with mando minimums of $1,000 and one year, but only if it is dogs involved. Cock fighting is a misdemeanor. I don’t know Georgia’s statutes on the matter.

    The NFL will have to do something to Vick if he’s convicted, but they are loathe to damage their financial prospects in any way. I suspect any game suspension he might receive would overlap any jailtime he gets. If no jail time, no suspension.

  8. I’ve never liked Vick and this kind of behavior certainly doesn’t surprise me.

  9. Angelos

    Nightshift, not any more.

    The NFL, especially now under the new commissioner, views bad PR as more “expensive” than coddling stars.

    I don’t know how much Michael Vick is “worth” in terms of ticket sales, but it can’t be that much, because most NFL venues sell out regardless of who’s coming to town.

    View it as cynically as you wish, but the NFL doing the right thing is also good business. If he can be connected to this directly, it won’t matter what he does with the legal system. He can pay a fine and plead out of jail time, but he won’t play football this year, and he’ll never play for Atlanta again. Arthur Blank, the Falcons owner, is definitely a “character” guy. As opposed to the Raiders, Bengals, and a few other teams.

  10. i was watching a piece on this that was aired on ESPN, and there seems to be a whole subculture of dog fighters in the NFL.

    sick, sick, sick bastards. one thing that was really disturbing is the way one player (who had his identity shielded) claimed that it was something they did while “identifying” with the dogs. they are treating the dogs like they feel they are treated.

    we gots us some sick motherfuckers out there.

  11. WOW. This seems like the perfect rallying cry for the Human Society to take up.

    It’s particularly sad that a man who has so much power, prestige, and money still feels the need to torture animals. I can’t decide if this guy is soulless or simply so caught up in his own twisted insecurity of what it is to be manly and powerful.

  12. Melissa McEwan

    I can’t decide if this guy is soulless or simply so caught up in his own twisted insecurity of what it is to be manly and powerful.

    The fact that on the premises was found a “rape stand, used to hold non-receptive dogs in place for mating” certainly gives us a clue.

    And, no–I don’t give a flying shit even if those are standard gear for breeders. Forcibly subjecting an animal to mating is cruelty sure as anything else.

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  14. Angelos

    MB, some of the defenders out there are nuts. One guy, a fairly well-known black columnist, said that this was a cultural thing, back from the slavery days. Um, yeah. Well, we figured out slavery was wrong about 150 years ago…

    Some took that to the next level, and said it was racist to keep criticizing a black quarterback for doing a “black thing.”

    Other guys tried to make an MMA/UFC connection. Well, if it’s OK for people to go and fight… OK, dumbass – these people have free will, get paid a good chunk of cash, and go home to their families. The dogs are given no choice, and then they die.

    Another common thread is “it’s in their genes, it’s totally natural for these dogs. We’re just letting them do what they do.”

    Colin Cowherd, an ESPN Radio guy, has been hammering away at this for weeks, and he had to stop taking calls from Vick defenders, because it was getting too stupid. This guy loves to argue, but finally he just had to say “Look, idiots. It’s a felony. It’s cruel and inhumane. It’s bottom-feeder behavior. There is no debate here. If you want to support/identify with this, just put down your phone, put away the e-mail, go crawl back under your rock and leave the rest of us alone.”

  15. Chromosome Crawl

    “they are treating the dogs like they feel they are treated”

    But wait, wouldn’t that mean they are showering the dogs with large amounts of cash, and advertising contracts?

    And I think that to be considered jut “the absentee landlord of someone involved in dogfighting” still should carry criminal charges. I’m sure landlords of properties that are found to be used for pot farming don’t get off with a slap on the wrist.

    This article disgusts me on so many levels.

  16. Rottweiler

    No heart, no soul, no moral compass, no compassion, no intelligence. This vicious individual is a menace. He needs to be incarcerated and forced to undergo psychiatric treatment. Make an example of him by stripping him of all of his macho superficiality. Put him to work at an animal shelter, and monitor his every move.

  17. Damn shame. I’m not fond of NFL football, but Vick makes it worth watching when he’s playing. I knew the guy was a flawed specimen off the field, like a lot of star athletes, but this is inexcusable. With any luck he’ll sincerely renounce dog fighting, make amends and be redeemed in the eyes of the NFL and sports fans everywhere.

  18. nightshift – In Virginia, dog-fighting is a felony:

    § 3.1-796.124. Dogfighting; penalty.
    A. No person shall knowingly do any of the following:
    1. Promote, engage in, or be employed in the fighting of dogs for amusement, sport or gain;
    2. Wager money or anything of value on the result of such fighting;
    3. Receive money or anything of value for the admission of another person to a place for dogfighting;
    4. Possess, own, train, transport, or sell any dog with the intent that such dog engage in an exhibition of fighting with another dog; or
    5. Permit any act described in subdivisions 1 through 4 of this subsection on any premises under his charge or control, or aid or abet any such act.
    D. Any person who violates any provision of this section shall be guilty of a Class 6 felony.

    I’m not sure of the penalties attached.

  19. “One guy, a fairly well-known black columnist, said that this was a cultural thing, back from the slavery days. Um, yeah. Well, we figured out slavery was wrong about 150 years ago… Some took that to the next level, and said it was racist to keep criticizing a black quarterback for doing a “black thing.””

    A black thing? Fuck that! I know of enough white people who purposely inbreed dogs to make them more vicious and aggressive- a (white) girl in my high school went through a long and messy process to emancipate herself from her parents, who purposely inbred rottweilers to make them more aggressive.

    And even if it is a black thing, you’re still absolutely right. Couching something morally and ethically reprehensible in cultural terms just degrades the culture. By that same logic one could say that slavery was a white thing, an intrinsic part of white culture that you can’t understand unless you’re white, so back the fuck off.

  20. Friggin’ sick! Somebody needs to nail that fucker’s balls to the wall… along with everyone else who thinks dogfighting is a legitimate sport.

  21. Kate217

    (f) For Class 6 felonies, a term of imprisonment of not less than one year nor more than five years, or in the discretion of the jury or the court trying the case without a jury, confinement in jail for not more than twelve months and a fine of not more than $2,500, either or both.

    I’d like to see this reclassified as a class 3 felony which carries a penalty of “a term of imprisonment of not less than five years nor more than twenty years and, subject to subdivision (g), a fine of not more than $100,000.” There is NO legitimate excuse for torturing animals. Well, I actually believe that there’s no excuse for torturing anything or anyone, but we’re discussing a specific situation here.

    The description of what they found made me feel physically ill. I feel like I need a disinfectant shower and a long walk in the sun with a dozen frolicking dogs.

  22. The question shouldn’t be how the NFL should punish him. He shouldn’t be allowed to walk free on this planet, let alone live the life of a wealthy athlete for young people to admire. Maybe some other criminal NFL’er could just put him out of our misery with a bullet to the head. They know how to punish that crime… two birds, one stone.

  23. "Fair and Balanced" Dave

    I suddenly have this desire to print out a picture of Michael Vick, make a video of my dog peeing on it, and post it on YouTube.

  24. "Fair and Balanced" Dave

    On a more serious note: In addition to his obscenely high salary, Vick also has a number of lucrative endorsement deals with a number of companies including Nike and Coca Cola.

    These companies should be the recipients of a strong letter-writing campaign stating that having an animal-abuser as a spokesperson does not reflect positively on their company.

  25. Patrick

    1. He should go to jail, if he’s found guilty and that’s the penalty. If it’s not the penalty, then the penalty should be increased. I’m not advocating that we tolerate dog fighting, or blow off people who do it.

    2. If you look at what happens to football players late in life, after we’ve stopped paying attention to them, you’ll find that there is a certain amount of blindness to what we (I include myself) enjoy watching. While you may say that pro football players make acres of money, college players don’t, and they wind up with surgeries and concussions and dementia. To say that people “choose” this is to make a mistake capitalist economists often make–people aren’t rational actors and young men playing football don’t have complete information. The first thing that struck me about this is the disconnect between what football is and what it demands of players and how they behave. It’s a masculinist, violent sport, where people–including fans–put aside human sympathy. Some people play and get degraded by it. Some don’t. But getting upset because men spend their entire lives trying to tear one another’s heads off, and then lose they’re moral compass off the field strikes me as oversimple.

    3. What kind of lives to racing thoroughbreds lead? One of the racial issues here is that there’s lots more sympathy for the animals abused by poor and minority communities in, say dog and cock fights–or even hunting, than in more affluent communities–think horseracing, circuses, zoos and rodeos. It’s not that black folks abuse animals and white folks don’t. It’s that white folks (especially those of us who eat meat, as I do) abuse animals all the time, but no one has passed any laws against the way we do it.

    4. If Michael Vick was convicted of criminal trespass for demonstrating against genocide in front of the Sudanese embassy, would we accord his employer the right to fire him? Sanction him? What if he committed anti abortion civil disobedience at a women’s clinic? Seriously, I’d want to get rid him off my team, if I owned one, but would I have the right.

    It strikes me that it’s easy to get all judgmental about this, but I don’t know that that does people or animals any good.

    Just sayin’

  26. nightshift66

    As I noted, dog fighting is also a felony here in MS; cockfighting is not, to my knowledge.

    You may be correct that things are going to be different now in the NFL, but I need not recount the many times in the past when the star walked away while non-players and low profile guys went up the river. It isn’t cynical to be observant and have a functioning memory, nor to be disinclined to believe statements from those who have lied to you in the past.

    Finally, if Vick’s only involvement in this is to be an absentee landlord, that’s a vastly lesser charge than being owner/operator of the dogs and the dogfights.

  27. Lizard

    Put him to work at an animal shelter

    God, NO! I agree with the rest of your comment, and I understand the motivation behind this idea–but as someone who worked as an animal-shelter administrator for more than a decade, it gives me the same chills I feel when people say that wife-beaters should be made to volunteer at battered women’s shelters. Trust me–someone who’s capable of this sort of cruelty isn’t going to learn to respect animals through a few, or a few hundred, hours of community service, and shelters are overburdened enough without having the added responsibility of overseeing and reforming twisted fucks. Better idea: Make him donate $100,000 to the shelters in his community, and then keep him the hell away from them.

    Patrick, I think much of your comment is overly simplistic, but I do hope the many, many Americans who are rightly revolted by the Vick story will take a moment to consider whether their own life choices are contributing to animal cruelty as well. Veal calves and battery-caged chickens live lives every bit as horrific as the dogs in Vick’s back yard. Racing greyhounds and circus elephants aren’t far behind. Sad to say, our society sanctions animal cruelty in hundreds of different forms, and if we’re going to “get all judgmental” about Michael Vick, we should also take the opportunity to turn that lens at other parts of our lives and our world.

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  29. Rich

    Fuck you Michael Vick!!!! This piece of shit should get his balls ripped off by an abused dog. This motherfucker makes my skin crawl. Animals, especially dogs give you unconditional love. So just the mere thought of this fuck breeding dogs for his own warped delight is cruel beyond belief. Once again, a big FUCK YOU, Vick. I hope they tie your ass to a rape stand in prison you prick. Lets also see if the NFL does indeed rise to the occassion and punish this fuck wad.

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  31. salarina

    Let those pit bulls chew your balls off. Oh and that dickless dick of yours.

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