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Bonehead and Bono.

President George W. Bush (L) meets with Bono, lead singer of the band U2, at the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, June 6, 2007. (Jim Young/Reuters)



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44 responses to “Caption This Photo

  1. sidhra صيدر

    So Boner…I’ll call you Boner, OK?

  2. “Bonehead and Bono”

    Can’t do better than that.

    But notice how W looks like he wants to go out and score some “chicks” and Bono has a look on his face that says, “Will someone please get this tool away from me.”

  3. “Scritch my head and you die.”

  4. Litbrit

    Bozo, Bono.

    Bono, Bozo.

    Let’s call the whole thing staged.

  5. Misty

    Bono looks like he’d really like to be somewhere, ANYWHERE, other than next to Shrub, LOL.

  6. Arkades

    “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”

  7. Angry Irish Bitch

    [In Bono’s Head …]

    “I wish to christ security would get this freak away from me.”

  8. Heh – don’t tell nobody, Bono, but I been sneakin’ Guinness lately.

  9. evilchemistry

    Dude, Ah’ve always wanted ta get waaayysttteeddddd on that shitty little island of yalls. Cold guineas sure sounds good. heh heh

  10. RayCeeYa

    Tonight on Celebrity Death Match, George W. Bush and Bono battle it out out over who is the bigger messianic douche bag.

    The winner will officially be announced as the rebirth of Jesus Christ himself.

  11. “Pull my finger.”


    “C’mon, pull my finger, it’ll be hysterical!”

    “I said no.”

    (Sorry, Bush and fart jokes, it’s like mercury on gold.)

  12. RayCeeYa

    Don’t get me wrong I’d love to have a beer with either of them, but only if I get to smash the pint glass over their head.

  13. You sure that’s not his Madame Tussaud’s figure?

    Bush would never know the diff…

  14. “How’s Cher?”


  15. “Remember when you used to call from the stage every nite and I wouldn’t take the call? Remember? That was funny, wasn’t it? Funny. Heh. We have a good time, right Bono? I can call you Bono, right?


    “Everybody hates me.”

  16. [irish accent] “would somebody for the luvva CHRIST get this needy touchy jackoff the FUCK away from me?!?!!”

  17. Melissa McEwan

    Hey, d’you ever hear my cover of Sunday Bloody Sunday?

  18. Nik E Poo

    So Boner…I’ll call you Boner, OK?

    Bush meets Boner??

  19. W: “Can I call you Boner?”

    B: “No.”

    W: “Aw, c’mon. I’ll let you ride on my plane.”

    B: “Got one.”

    W: “I’ll let you ride in my limo.”

    B: “Got one ‘o them, too.”

    W: “I’ll let you sit in my chair and spin around.”

    B: “No.”

    W: “I’ll let you play with the remote control to Dick’s pacemaker.”

    B: “Deal.”

  20. Liz

    SAP and Melissa: brilliant! (And I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the Sunday Bloody Sunday remake…)
    Bush: Heh… okay, so a priest anna rabbi walk into a bar…
    Bono: (Bloody wanker.)

  21. SAP, that’s hilarious!

    I think Bono’s pretty cool. Even if you think his music is bad and he’s an attention whore, you have to admit that he’s tried to use his celebrity for some good.

  22. Nik E Poo

    [Bush] heh heh … hey Boner … your ear wax looks like a little nativity scene … in some tall grass.

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  24. Susan

    My ego’s bigger than yours.

    No, it isn’t.

    Is so.

    Is not.

  25. “Hey, Bono. Did you know that I’ve got me some groupies, too?”

    “Getting a reach around from Karl Rove really doesn’t compare to banging a supermodel, George.”

  26. Brynn

    “You got how much for your soul?”

  27. j swift

    “That 70’s Show: The Later Years”

    Dumbass makes it to the White House and Hyde becomes his spiritual advisor. Hilarity ensues.

  28. Caption bubble coming from Bono….

    “Damn, I’ll bet Sting never has to put up with this shit.”

  29. Bush: “…and then there’s this one about the Irish bus-driver…”
    Bono: [thought bubble] “For the love of God, someone pass me an Armalite right fucking now.”

  30. Plutonious Monk

    Say, aren’t you the guy Karl sent me to take Jimmy/Jeff’s place?
    Man, I sure need some comfort-if you know what I mean…

  31. Bitty

    No caption, but this is one of the best Bush-and-someone-else photos ever!

    I hadn’t seen that Sunday Bloody Sunday video in a while and I was so taken by its cleverness on the first go-round that I didn’t notice it all came from one speech.


  32. grape_crush

    “You’re trying to do what? End world poverty? Where’s the money in that? Poor people don’t pay shit…”

  33. tas

    Somebody follow them to the SELL OUT convention.

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  35. “No, Dumbass – I won’t pull your finger.”

  36. Jeff

    BUSH: So, who ya performin’ with t’night?

    BONO: U2

    Bush: (looking perplexed)….Me an’ Dick???

  37. Judy Paullus

    You lie down with dogs, you get up with flea-brains.

  38. BigHank53

    Those Africans owe me big for putting up with this wanker.

  39. Tak, the Hideous New Girl

    So what was Homer Simpson *really* like?

  40. John Emerson

    I really think that Bono is deluded thinking that he can accomplish anything sucking up to Bush, O’Neill, et al. I know the arguments (Christian love, deal with the world as it is) but I still think it’s deluded. Springsteen is politically pretty lame, too. He demurred very mildly when Reagan used his song in his 1980 campaign. (Before most people were born, I know).

    People sneer at activist celebrities, but above-the-battle guys who pump out quasi-political sentiment piss me off.

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