Wednesday Blogwhoring

Sock it to me, Shakers.

Recommended Reading:

Jill Filipovic: Pro-Life Group: “It is shameful that Christians would rally around the physical needs of the poor”

Amanda Marcotte: But we couldn’t gay-bash and then how would we spend our Saturday nights?

Echidne: Vomit in the Mouth

Chris Cillizza: GOP Debate: Winners and Losers

William Rivers Pitt: Another Long Summer [H/T Amish]

Jeff Fecke: Taxicab Confessional



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12 responses to “Wednesday Blogwhoring

  1. Jay in Oregon

    “It is shameful that Christians would rally around the physical needs of the poor”

    As someone on another blog said, what is it with these right-wing groups suddenly feeling free to speak the truth about their agendas?

    First it was Bill O’Reilly’s acknowledgement that there is a white, male, Christian “power structure” in this country.

    Then there was the hope that women seeking abortions may get perforated uteruses and die.

    Now it’s this.

    It’s kinda creepy; cowards who have been hiding behind code-words and “dog-whistle” messages for decades are feeling free to say things like “We think it’s a good thing that women will die having abortions” or “There is a white male power structure and we’re not giving it up”?

    Cowards don’t speak their minds unless they feel they won’t face repercussions for it.

  2. Call me the weather man today. I’ve got a post up about the crazy-ass typhoon that’s smacking around Oran and Iran today, as well as one on a win for the environmental good guys. The Florida PSC denied FP&L permission to build a coal-fired plant near lake Okeechobee and the Everglades.

  3. Was it the three links that got me in moderation? Or was it the fact that I wrote “Re: penises”?

    Meh. I deserve it either way.

  4. Why Sudan, our food supply and economic development and the US’s continued influence in the world all hinge upon the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

  5. Not a post of mine, but…

    Rudy Giuliani is looking rock hard!!!

  6. tim

    With this being the anniversary and all, I had to do my annual tribute to my uncle.

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  8. I’m writing the usual on Cambodian politics:

    Global Witness reveals
    Unacceptable and Unrealistic

    and then I saw the funny side for a little with PMs 1000 year plan

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