Rumors of not-quite-war on the Turkey-Iraq border

Add confusion and anxious denial to the mix of tensions between Turkey and Iraq. The AP reports that “several thousand Turkish troops” pursued Kurdish guerrillas into northern Iraq; this according to a pair of anonymous Turkish security officials. Turkey’s foreign minister Abdullah Gul denied it and Iraqi foreign minister Hoshiyar Zebari said there had been no “incursion or military operation inside Iraqi territory.” Pentagon officials added their own non-confirmations of an incursion.

At this stage of the growing crisis regarding Turkey, their PPK foes, the Iraqi Kurds and their claims to an independent Kurdistan, even rumors can become dangerous flashpoints. We are very close to seeing a terrible development in Iraq.

In the meantime, expect George Bush to tell us again how much Iraq is like Korea.




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5 responses to “Rumors of not-quite-war on the Turkey-Iraq border

  1. Problems on the Turkish border merely make the job in Iraq that much more diificult, so that the next time Iraq is proclaimed a “success” it will be that much bigger a success!

  2. Melissa McEwan

    We are very close to seeing a terrible development in Iraq.

    B-b-but last throes! Turning the corner! FREEDOM!!!

  3. Paen

    I think we should stop calling bush the worse president ever and insead refer to him as the worse world leader ever.

  4. Dave

    I don’t have time to comment on this fully but I was stationed in Northwestern Kurdistan in 2006-early 2007. Turkish troops have been in norhtern Iraq for sometime, though I suspect this is not officially acknowledged. I’m not sure. They are obstensibly there to hunt the PKK but I’m sure that is far from the only reason. The Turks threatened to send several thousand more troops over the border on multiple occasions during my deployment. And I had heard (though this I haven’t confirmed) that they had crossed the border back in March (we were in Mosul for about a month while preparing to redeploy so I can’t confirm we were fairly isolated). Regardless this is and has been a situation that is has been waiting to explode in the one area of Iraq that isn’t currently a violent hellhole. More exposition that I don’t have time for but you get the idea. I’m just suprised it’s being reported this time

  5. ozman

    If Bush and the US loves the Kurds so much, they should give the Kurds Texas and get their eyes off other people’s property. There’s no “Kurdistan”, it just refers to an area where lots of Kurds live, like Little Italy or Chinatown. Are we suppose to give the residents of Chinatown a nation on American soil? Lunacy! This Kurdistan idea is just as preposterous. Meanwhile, everybody is on the “feeling sorry for the Kurds” bandwagon, ignoring that Kurds have been blowing up civilians in Turkey for the past 30 years, and that they killed more Armenians in WW1 than anybody else. Turks fought and died for a 1000 years to own that land. And now they should give it away so Americans at home can feel good about themselves and their miserable Iraq policy? And the Kurds can have a free nation that they did not even fight for? Filled with all the oil and water in the Middle East for FREE? At the expense of a long time US ally? Insanity! Kurds only came down the mountain 100 years ago to slaughter and rape Armenians who were being relocated in WWI. And now THEY are the victims? WOW!

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