Random Question

Does anyone notice anything that The Atlantic Online‘s bloggers all seem to share in common?

Yeah, me neither.


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24 responses to “Random Question

  1. oljb

    Stunningly handsome?

  2. tas

    They’ve all got wangs?

  3. They all have eight letters in their last name?

    Oh, they don’t. Damn.

  4. None of them menstruate.

  5. I guess the PTB at Atlantic Online just couldn’t find any big-name, well-qualified women bloggers. After all, they’re so rare. 😦

    Oh, wait! There’s one right here! Hey, guys, look at this!

  6. evilchemistry

    They all like to feel up their own ass on TeeVee?

  7. They’ve all got wangs?

    so we assume.

  8. Melissa McEwan

    Check this out: I went to the front page of The Atlantic Online to find contact info so I could politely mention this disparity, and I noticed the front page was kind of a sausage-fest. So I counted.

    There are 36 men’s names on the front page. Some of these names even appear more than once: James Fallows appears 5 times, Robert D. Kaplan 3 times, David Samuels 3 times, Clive Crook twice, Brian Mockenhaupt twice, Marc Ambinder twice…bringing the grand total of men’s names to 47.

    There are 9 women’s names. Condi Rice is mentioned twice…bringing the grand total of women’s names to 10.

    47 to 10.

    Those 10 mentions?

    1. Virginia Postrel, writing about Fashion in Art Museums.

    2-3. Condi Rice and Condi Rice again, accompanied by the question: “Is Condoleezza Rice a poised, thoughtful spokesperson or a deluded idealist?”

    4. Caitlin Flanagan, accompanied by the question: “Is Caitlin Flanagan right that MySpace poses a grave danger to innocent teens?”

    5. Emily Cox, co-creator of the monthly word game.

    6. Sage Stossel, cartoonist.

    7-10. Isabella Whitney, a poet whose poem was given readings by Linda Gregerson, Lynn McMahon, and Jane Miller.

    By the time I was done with that little analysis, I didn’t bother contacting anyone to question the lack of female bloggers, because something tells me they don’t really give a shit over at The Atlantic.

  9. 4. Caitlin Flanagan, accompanied by the question: “Is Caitlin Flanagan right that MySpace poses a grave danger to innocent teens?”

    No. *dusts her hands off* Well! There’s my Atlantic Online piece for today. Tell you what, I’m in a good mood, I’ll even let you have that for free.

  10. Lizard

    Oh, wait! There’s one right here! Hey, guys, look at this!

    Yeah, but I heard she hates Catholics.

    Funny–I was just watching clips of the Republican debate last night, and having a similar “What do these things all have in common?” moment. And as long as I’m wandering wildly here, may I just say that Mike Huckabee’s “people are free to believe they evolved from a primate” remark reminded me of this brilliance?

    On the bright side, I can’t seem to find any evidence that Sage Stossel is related to John Stossel.

  11. Allie

    Damn you for pointing things out! I thought we were supposed to be celebrating the fact that they have both Sullivan & Yglasias.

  12. Emily Cox is a respected puzzlesmith, and you may not know this, but the world of puzzling is another boy’s club, easier to break into than many, but it’s still a notable achievement (this despite the fact that the inventor of modern crossword standards was a woman—Margaret Farrar).

  13. Pete

    They’re all white?

  14. Melissa McEwan

    still a notable achievement

    Absolutely. So is cartooning, particularly political cartoons. I intend to take nothing whatsoever away from the achievements of the women who are there. I do feel it’s notable, however, that none of them are participating at The Atlantic in the sections for which it is primarily known.

  15. Bitty

    I’m visiting at my daughter’s house in NC, so I’m seeing things with the eyes of an outsider.

    I saw a news blurb on a local county council and couldn’t help noticing that all members were white, middle-aged males.

    Even in my redneck Florida county we have a few women. Still not quite past the no-non-whites-need-apply thing, though.

  16. SAP

    Geez, seeing that lineup reminds me of a comic book-related joke I once heard about the Red Skull having taken over the Avengers, mainly due to the fact that there were so many blue-eyed, blond-haired white dudes on the team:

    Steve Rogers (Captain America)
    Clint Barton (Hawkeye)
    John Walker (US Agent)
    Hank Pym
    Wendell Vaughn (Quasar)
    Robet Reynolds (Sentry)

    Art often imitates life. Or something like that.

  17. Paen

    I think that the fellows at the Atlantic are scared of girl cooties.

  18. Hmm.

    It’ll be interesting comparing this to other major online sources, and to the gender ratios for the top political blogs – where’s that ecosystem site again?

  19. Melissa McEwan

    TLLB, you mean?

  20. Possibly. I wonder whether this and other online aggregators are just overlooking the issue and reflecting the gender balance of the rankings (which is still a good reason to rap them over the knuckles).

  21. Jackson

    Even if they do put a woman on the blog roll, she’ll be a token, perhaps even pseudo-feminist type, like, Maureen Dowd. You know, a man intolerant of women.

  22. They’re not trash-talking bigots?

  23. Melissa McEwan

    They’re not trash-talking bigots?

    Well spotted.


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