Bush picks anally fixated fundie for next Surgeon General

Add this to the long list of brain dead, Bible-thumping morons Bush has appointed/recommended for important positions in his administration. His pick for surgeon general nominee? Dr. James Holsinger, former chancellor of the Chandler Medical Center at the University of Kentucky. The “doctor” is also a reverend with a degree in biblical studies from Asbury Theological Seminary. Hm, douchebags who mix science and religion for fun – where have we seen this before? Bush is drawn to these types like flies on shit and this is just the latest installment. Among Holsinger’s stellar accomplishments are establishing a program that, among other things, provides recovery for those seeking to “walk out of the homosexual lifestyle.” Groan. In 1991, he also authored a document (er, steaming pile of shit) detailing why a vagina is the perfect receptacle for a penis, while a rectum is basically a tunnel of death and anal eroticism leads to pain, lacerations, and AIDS. See more kooky details here. Oh, Dr. Feelgood, you smooth talker, I sure hope you get the job so you can educate the rest of the nation on your Kentucky-fried scientific knowledge. However, with such an anal fixation, methinks the lady doth protest too much. Cover your bum-bums, boys!



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14 responses to “Bush picks anally fixated fundie for next Surgeon General

  1. Melissa McEwan

    LMAO!!! Okay, that post is just all kinds of hilarious from top to bottom.

    Pun definitely intended.

  2. Jersey

    Makes me want to fuck (or get fucked by) my bf right in front of him, all the while smiling, like we usually do.

  3. Todd

    Someone needs to tell the doc that all you need is a little determination and a lotta lube!

  4. Nik E Poo

    Bible-thumping morons Bush has appointed/recommended for important positions in his administration.

    I think you could have gotten away with “Bible-humping” … but maybe thats just me.

    … a tunnel of death and anal eroticism leads to pain, lacerations, and AIDS.

    … years ago I was having lunch at some $50 cheeseburger place … and the prospective client said (with a straight face) “You do know that AIDS is created when particles from a man’s ass, comes in contact with a penis”. Almost completely out of the blue. I was taken aback.

    Its moments like that … which pit your desire for money, against a burning desire to call someone an idiot. In retrospect, it might have been nice to get the retainer first … butt … on the other hand … there is something to having reasonably intelligent business partners.

  5. Just another one of Bush’s half-assed nominees… I think it might be unhealthy to have your head up your ass too.

  6. Betsy

    I think it’s so funny how these “parts-fitting” types forget that straight people do that stuff too. And that there is lots of homosexual sex (male and female) that involves no penetration at all, so the “parts fitting” isn’t even relevent. They should read a little more Savage Love. And I love how they always leave out the ladies – I guess the idea of lesbian sex is somehow less abhorrant to god than the butt-action, which makes them feel all funny and dirty inside to think about.

  7. celticfeminist

    I think there must be a reason that the first couple of times I read this, I read his degree was from Absurdity Theological Seminary.

    I had to read it a third time before I realized it said “Asbury.”

  8. Constant Comment

    This guy may be even better than Bush’s first nominee (I forgot his name) for the person in charge of women’s health who was…(wait for it )… a veterinarian! Oy.

  9. MR. Bill

    Poor Jocelyn Elders got flayed for suggesting that we teach kids that masturbation is, in fact, safe sex. (It got shortened in that dang librul media as “saying we should teach masturbation.” Bastards.)
    I’m with Jersey here, and me and the BF have made amateur vid (strictly for ourselves) that we might be willing to share with the Doctor…
    If god(ess) didn’t like anal sex, why did (s)he make it so pleasurable (if you do it right)?

  10. Melissa McEwan

    Bush’s first nominee (I forgot his name)


  11. Brynn

    New acronym!!!

    And hey, if I’ve got to chose between “BDSM” and “BDBT” (“Brain-Dead Bible-Thumping”) I’ll naturally (HA!) go with the former each and every time!!!

  12. Kate217

    He’s just protecting himself. He’s such a big asshole that he’s afraid he’s an irresistable target for gay peni (as if…).

  13. Read a tongue-in-cheek list of the top ten reasons George Bush selected Holsinger to be his new Surgeon General…here:


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