Elle, PhD: Children, Race, and Racism

Jokerine: The Sad Story of the G8-Protests in Rostock

Double Trouble: Twisty: I Puke on Dude Nation and then an interesting follow-up from Ann: It’s OK When It’s Someone Else’s Daughter

Scout Prime: F.U.—Friedman Unit, That Is

Avedon: Ray Bradbury: An Even Worse Writer Than I Thought (Disappoint-o-Meter: Pegged)

Ampersand: Focus on the Family Admits They Want Women Who Have Abortions to be Hurt

Erica Barnett: Transparency in the Workplace Could Eliminate a lot of Gender Discrimination

Mike the Mad Biologist: What Does Prayer Have To Do With It?

Pam: Dallas Bould be the Largest U.S. City to Elect an Out Gay Mayor

Chet: Oh, No, You Don’t

As always, please feel free to use as a blogwhoring thread…



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11 responses to “Read-Ems

  1. MR. Bill

    Pandagon has a good thread going on the Bradbury/Farenheit 451 issue…

  2. I have a post about the anti-choicer’s fight over the partial-birth abortion ban. I actually kind of like this one more than most of what I write.

  3. Bradley’s got a longish piece up about the assholishness of Andres Speaker,, and people in the comments have chimed in with their own stupid people with TB stories.

  4. I loved (and by ‘loved’ I mean felt a strong need to shower despite the lack of hot water at our apartment ((and my being at work))) the Freepi comments. Especially the Troy Aikman is gay rumor.

    As cool as it would be to have a gay man as Dallas mayor, he’s not without his flaws. I very much hope he wins, though it’s sort of a situation where Mr. Leppart is even worse. The negative ad campaign is interesting to watch. Toxic waste and schools? He had to know that’d come out in a campaign. Even if he wasn’t personally involved in Turner Corp.’s dumping of toxic waste onto school property, it’s disingenuous to claim that he doesn’t hold some moral responsibility as CEO.

  5. I have a note on plans to reduce the ability of American satellites to monitor climate change. I am not sure quite what to make of this, but it seems to fit with recent stalling patterns.

  6. I always get a kick out of reading the Freepi comments in her posts, because they run from the disgusting to the utterly bizarre, as in “how does this person even manage to operate a computer” bizarre.

    I guess I’m being a little crazy here, whoring twice in a morning, but I just wrote a quick piece on why James Carville should never get another job as a Democratic campaign consultant. Hint: it’s related to the Scooter Libby letters.

  7. Melissa McEwan

    I guess I’m being a little crazy here, whoring twice in a morning

    Honey, you can whore all day. That’s what these threads are for–for Shakers to brag about what they’re writing about! 🙂

  8. Hi Melissa!

    The link to my post doesn’t work, so I’ll just post it here again:

    Link to G8 post

    thanks, Jokerine.

  9. Melissa McEwan

    Sorry about that, J! I fixed the post.

  10. SAP

    Three words: Glenn Fucking Beck.

    And I wrote a story, too.

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