Cheney Can’t Stop Lying

I quite honestly cannot recall another public official in my lifetime (the first three months of which included Nixon!) that was such an inveterate, undissuadable, reiterative, and brazen liar as is Dick Cheney, who used the occasion of speaking to a group of high schoolers to yet again repeat the thoroughly debunked mendacity he has continually used to create an erroneous pre-war link between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

He is truly unfuckingbelievable.



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4 responses to “Cheney Can’t Stop Lying

  1. MR. Bill

    (posted below) Its a rumor at Firedoglake comments that Lynn Cheney will be one of the Repub. Pix for Wyo SEnator…Pray for the republic.

  2. The only way Lynn Cheney gets that seat is if the other candidates the WYGOP puts up are kiddy-diddlers, and I’m not even sure then.

  3. tomeck

    Wyoming has a Democratic governor, picking from a list of 3 people given to him by the Republican party. Can’t believe he’d pick Lynn.

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