Personal note from a Furious dood

I used to contribute to this site as Mr. Furious. I was indeed very Furious. Furious about how no one would listen prior to November 2004 on the consequences of re-electing Bush. Furious at the growing neo-conservative soccer-mom-ization of the entire country. Furious that gays, liberals, women, and other “elite” minority groups were being used as a scapegoat to divide the country. After November 2, 2004, I was devastated. Threw my hands up in disgust. I had written a 40 page diatribe outlining in detail why the Bush administration was driving the country into the gutter. I had cited credible sources! I had warned everyone I knew! Much of what I predicted came true. How could this have happened? I was burnt out on all things political and had this overwhelming sense that nothing I could do mattered, even though I knew in the back of my head that that was wrong. I was tired and I didn’t want to think anymore.

This had happened to me before. I tried for 3 solid years to become a screenwriter and sell my scripts to producers in Hollywood. I had come close. I secured a manager, got access to production companies, had friends in the industry who gave me valuable advice and assistance. Ultimately, though, it’s a tough game that is only successfully played by people struggling within the geographic heart of the industry – L.A. I wasn’t willing to move and leave my partner, family, and friends, so I had to let it go. Also, I had written so much, every day, for such a concentrated period of time, that I faced inevitable burnout. I cared so much for so long about the same thing that the fire had to die sometime.

It’s wonderful that this blog exists. People like Melissa and the rest of the contributors have toiled since day one to make it what it has become. I remember the day a few years ago when Melissa told me she had thrown together a political blog, “just for fun.” It was crude but it had all the basics, and the content was strong enough that I was duly impressed. Did I ever suspect it would grow and evolve and become the topic of national discussion, among other things? No way! I thought it was just a hobby of hers between jobs! But knowing Melissa’s incomparable intelligence and ability to build impressive things from scratch (how she learns such complex concepts like web design so quickly I will never know!), I should not have been surprised. When I collapsed in a heap at the end of 2004, she and her fellow Shakers kept going. A little weary, a little depressed, but they kept going and eventually help shape the undeniable cultural and political force that the blogosphere has become. I felt honored to be part of the beginning of Shakespeare’s Sister, and someone whose opinion Melissa always took seriously. But I didn’t feel there was anything more I could add. Every day the political landscape grows stickier and more complex and moves at such a fast pace – I could no longer keep up! I still don’t feel like I have a solid grasp of what’s going on, so I turn here to let the Shakers sort it out for me.

There are other things going on at Shakesville, though, and that is what I’ve grown to love about it. Cultural commentary, observations of society, rantings on stupidity and injustice. Although my political flair has waned, I can certainly weigh in on these subjects with enough fury for everyone. I hope you’ll forgive my lengthy blabber. I just wanted to explain who the hell I am and what the hell I’m doing. So look out, culture and society, I’m about to go Pompeii on your ass!



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19 responses to “Personal note from a Furious dood

  1. Nice!!

    I’m looking forward to it!

  2. ananke

    So you are “coming out” as Todd? 🙂

    I am with you on the 2004 election fiasco. That dark day after, I came home to a phone message from a distant friend who knew I would be devastated by the results saying simply: “Breathe, just breathe.”

    Rock on, Todd.

  3. Melissa McEwan

    So look out, culture and society, I’m about to go Pompeii on your ass!

    Finally! Welcome back at long last, lol. It’ll be like high school newspaper all over again–without being forced to write Paula Abdul album reviews!

    Btw, before you even emailed me to say you were coming back, I linked your fucking hee-larious post about Mandissa in this thread. Coinkydink!

  4. Todd

    Haha – thanks, you guys!

    Um, I thought the sarcastic Paula Abdul comments were some of the more fun moments of the newspaper! And yeah, I can’t wait to verbally slice more Mandissas in the future. Funny thing about her – does anyone even remember who she is? Hahahaha.

  5. PortlyDyke

    Glad you’re back, and still furious in a whole new way.

    I was a major lurker when you were posting.

    I, too, am burned out on “politics”, and rarely comment about it. I believe that, until we address the underlying social/cultural issues, that fiddling with the politics is like hoping that a new icing will make the cyanide-laced cake less dangerous.

    *ready for pyro-clastic blasts*

  6. Melissa McEwan

    Um, I thought the sarcastic Paula Abdul comments were some of the more fun moments of the newspaper!

    True. In retrospect, I should have said, like, “Warrant” album reviews, because “Paula Abdul, Spellbound: She’s a hellhound!” is obviously the best album review ever written.

  7. Constant Comment

    The trick is to stay furious without letting it affect your blood pressure. It gets very tiring! Looking forward to some frequent/occasional posts…

  8. Todd

    PD – I’m the biggest lurker ever. I’ve lurked on so many sites, this one the most. I feel like I hardly ever said anything here. And yeah, politics, wow. I’ll leave that to the smart people like Melissa. I just want to make fun of people & stuff.

    Melissa – I feel like writing a cultural analysis on the impact of “Cherry Pie.” The album cover alone speaks volumes on the core issues we faced in our NW Indiana 80’s youth.

  9. Melissa McEwan

    I’ll leave that to the smart people

    He says, as if he’s not brilliant. Wev.

    Melissa – I feel like writing a cultural analysis on the impact of “Cherry Pie.” The album cover alone speaks volumes on the core issues we faced in our NW Indiana 80’s youth.

    OMG – sputter!


  10. Who is this Paula Abdul you speak of?

  11. I feel like I’m meeting the long-lost cousin from Australia who’s finally making it to a family reunion.

    Hello there!

    It’s great to meet and read you.

    (And yeah, MB, Paula who??!)

  12. Todd

    Psh, Straight Up, you’ve never heard of Paula Abdul? You must be some kind of Cold Hearted Snake. I was about to ask “Will You Marry Me?” but I Rushed to the exit instead. Your ignorance of Paula Abdul really leaves me Spellbound. I mean, come on, she’s a true American Idol. Oh well, I guess you’re just not Crazy Cool enough.

    Um, can you tell I’m kinda bored at work?

  13. Brynn

    Hey, glad yer back…!!!

  14. Yes 🙂 🙂 🙂 !

    I recently observed somewhere that many of the most politically committed people I know have burned out from the effort of “trying to teach the pig to sing.” It’s a crying shame, that.

    Welcome back. I’m looking forward to some free RANT lessons 😉

  15. I actually passed Mandisa in the aisles at BookExpo this weekend. She had just finished her own signing (she wrote a book!) and was looking for the “chicken soup book signing.”

    And welcome back Todd!

  16. welcome back poop head.

  17. I can’t figure out from these comments what the deal is with Paula Abdul — or more accurately whether she’s being complimented or made fun of in this thread — but I just want to say I love her. I’ve watched American Idol for 2 or 3 seasons now (my daughter got me into it), and am officially addicted, though I’m under no illusions as to its essential vapid and shallow core.

    That said, Paula Abdul is the best part of the show for me. Ryan Seacrest is a close second. And reasonable people can disagree, but I see nothing homophobic about the banter between Seacrest and Simon Cowell. I think they’re hilarious (Seacrest and Cowell’s banter, that is). I just asked my daughter if she thinks their banter is homophobic, and she looked startled and said, “Not really.”

    Just sticking up for Ryan and Paula, although god knows they don’t need me to defend them. 🙂

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  19. In your honor, I will walk up to some random authority figure and call him or her “Checkerhead.”

    Frack you later, Frankenpuss.

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