Officially hideous

“The vision at the very heart of our brand”

If someone blew up Nelson’s Column in the middle of Trafalgar Square and then applied garish spray paint to the rubble, the result would be something not unlike the newly-unveiled London 2012 Olympic logo.

The jagged emblem, based on the date 2012, comes in a series of shades of pink, blue, green and orange and will evolve in the run-up to the Games.The word London and the Olympic rings are included in the first two digits of the new logo.

“This is the vision at the very heart of our brand,” said London 2012 organising committee chairman Seb Coe.

Ah! The fragments represent numerals! 2012! And the logo is designed to “evolve” over time, perhaps more clearly revealing the date. Dynamism! Modernity! Or, uh, something.

Moral: Never give a committee £400,000 to do anything.

Comments at the BBC site indicate that the logo is not exactly winning over the British public:

Looks like a cross between underpass graffiti and a Sex Pistols album.

So Krypton factor puzzles, dodgy simpsons act, Tiswas lettering and Rubharb and Custard colours.

I’m a design consultant and usually open to new ideas – but that really is awful, its not a good sign that people are already apologising for it. If you squint your eyes it looks like a graphic of a pink Larry Grayson doing the ‘I’m a little tea pot’ dance.

Looks just like a window I recently kicked a ball through.

I’m guessing it will evolve. At the moment it represents our organisation of the games so far; an incoherent mess, and by 2012 the logo will look even messier. I mean, whoever came up with the idea of an evolving logo needs shooting.

I think the only sport its appropriate for is the beach volleyball event.

Evolve ?? Surely, something this hideous is an argument for Intelligent Design ? Nature couldn’t have come up with it..

It’s unspeakably dire. It looks rubbish and says nothing about London, England or the UK. A five year old could’ve done a better job.

Oh My God ! It’s embarrassing ! I always used to look at other coutries logos and think, well, at least we could do a better job there..but no, it’s dreadful. Words fail me. Will we have people on stilts at the opening ceremony too??

An utter joke! Britain used to be renowned for its design.

This is the equivalent of yer Dad dancing at a party, down wiv the kidz innit.

If this stands for the olympics, then there is little hope. It’s childish, crass, dated and more like an advert for teletubbies than the global olympics. Why do people think loud colours and jerky writing mean the “young” will like it? Ridiculous. Do your research!

Dear god it looks horrendous. Perhaps the Parisians ought to have received the games after all.

My favorite:

I hope they can change it before anyone sees it.

Too late for that, I’m afraid.


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30 responses to “Officially hideous

  1. Melissa McEwan

    Words fail me. Will we have people on stilts at the opening ceremony too??


    This is the equivalent of yer Dad dancing at a party, down wiv the kidz innit.


    I hope they can change it before anyone sees it.


    It really is spectacularly awful. It looks like background graffiti from a 1980’s b-film about Teh Future. Just add rollerskates.

  2. MR. Bill

    Yeah well. I remember the mascot of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics…
    “Whatizzit”…A blue slug with feet thingy…It got called ‘herman the sperm’ and worse. It was supposed to use Computer Technology to MORPH (how cool, how…Ninties) into different shapes.
    Only saw it ‘in person’ once. I had tickets with my boyfriend to the Whitewater events on the Ocoee River. That was the day after the Olympic park bombing by my ‘neighbor’ (or at least, fellow tri-state resident) Eric Rudolph. It was a very weird atmosphere, and on our way out, the poor soul in the “Izzy” costume stuck it’s antennaed head out of the trailer that was the security office for a second. We were stuck in line and watched, but it never came out again…
    It was roundly derided as groupthink and the triumph of idiocy.
    Now, if Ray Charles and the Raylettes had been the Mascots…

  3. Mr. Bill, I couldn’t help thinking about Goleo, the 2006 World Cup mascot so wildly unpopular that it brought down the toymaker that produced it. But damn, Goleo looks like enduring art compared to the London logo.

  4. MR. Bill

    Waveflux, I missed the Goleo story. Here is a webpage some deluded soul has put up on Izzy.

    And he is positively cuddly next to the London logo.

  5. PortlyDyke

    I think we should stick some probes into the Greek mainland, where the Peloponnese Kings are collectively spinning in their graves —
    poof! Energy crisis solved.

    Why didn’t we think of this sooner?

  6. Kevin

    You folks just don’t recognize art.

    And, well, ahh, apparently neither do I.

    £400,000. I wonder what they did with the other £399,990?

  7. That’s looks like a Tequila Sunrise as poured by Jeffrey Dahmer.

    In fact, I think I saw that while driving after too many Tequila Sunrises.

  8. Kev — whoa, spray paint is £10 a can in Britain now?

    What is the set of Latin American games that are held just ahead of the Olympics? They always have recognizable mascots, if a little cartoon-y…

  9. kona

    Ugggghh. That looks like it belongs on the set of some cheap 70s game show.

  10. Ginger Yellow

    I reckon it looks like someone giving a blowjob. My mate reckons it looks like someone puking in a toilet.

  11. It looks like a swastika.


  12. That logo is really ugly.

  13. well hooray, chicago will certainly be able to come up with something better than that.

    actually, the already did, but the stupid IOC rules about how you can’t use any flame/torch-like image at this stage of the competition disqualified it. stupid rules. that was a great logo.

  14. Constant Comment

    Is Organising Chairman Seb Coe THE Sebastian Coe? Just wondering…

  15. MR. Bill

    Sebastian should gain some weight, as he’s not hiding that thing very well….

  16. Nik E Poo

    Horrible logo.
    Tough crowd.
    Great Post!

  17. Well, it’s nothing less than a smashing success, I say. They’ve spent only £400,000 and got £950,000 worth of ugly. A bargain!

  18. Melissa McEwan

    They’ve spent only £400,000 and got £950,000 worth of ugly. A bargain!


  19. It looks like the appropriate logo for “Olympics 2012: Electric Boogaloo”

  20. There’s a poll, too. Over 80% would award it a Wooden Spoon.

  21. I’m actually embarrassed for my country. Again. (See Memo, Downing Street). Jeez.

  22. Lizard

    Haven’t we learned our lesson about sharp, jagged Olympic symbols from Springy the Springfield Spring?

  23. Ferin

    Ouch, where can I send the bill for making my eyes bleed?

    That is quite possibly the worst olympic logo ever.

  24. it took me about ten minutes to realize the logo actually read “2012.”

  25. rxl

    and the logo for the 2112 Olympics is a big red star!

    …moving along….

  26. SAP


    Yeah, that definitely has a weird Gong Show vibe to it.

  27. car

    It looks like they dropped it and it broke into several pieces. Some superglue might help.

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