Monday Blogwhoring

What’s the frequency, Shakers?

Recommended Reading:

Ann: Towards the End of Aunt Jemima

CREW: Dick Cheney “Has Privatized the Job of Vice President of the United States”

Jill: 14 More Solders Dead of Presidential Psychopathy and Senatorial Cowardice

The Disgruntled Chemist: Well Done, Sam Donaldson

Kate Harding: Dr. Joycelyn Elders is so fucking cool.

…and The Koufaxes are back!



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8 responses to “Monday Blogwhoring

  1. This week’s edition of “Bullshit or Not” is dedicated to Noam Chomsky’s argument from Manufacturing Consent in which he contends that sports are a training ground for closed minded jingoism and a way to fill up news casts diverting the national attention from more serious matters. Bullshit or not: you decide.

  2. Not so flattering Screen Captures from last night’s Democratic debate.

  3. Bradley has just posted on the gay-hating nominee for the Surgeon Generalship, but I posted a couple of days ago on why Senator Bill Nelson needs to go. And I had a troll of sorts in the comments and everything. Go slap him. 🙂

  4. Renegade Evolution has a kickass blogswarm up, Blog for Sex Education Day, which I have contributed to. Lots of good posts there.

  5. WordPress is suspicious of me.

  6. Melissa McEwan

    But I am not. 😉

  7. Hot Damn I hate George W. Bush.

    He thumps his chest and sez he’s the president.

    Dood B Nutz

    Impeach before “The Decider” pushes The Button.

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