Will Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen win Best Kiss for Talladega Nights at the MTV Movie Awards.



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19 responses to “HOTT

  1. MR. Bill


  2. Borat is gross, but Sascha Baron Cohen is damn sexy.

  3. Oh my. (Still laughing. That was wonderful. The hordes of screaming people applauding their kiss were pretty good too.)

  4. Misty

    Hot damn!

    I also laughed so loud I woke up the offspring. LOL!

  5. Is it – um – warm in here?

  6. JW

    The kiss? NOTT HOTT. SBC? SOOOOO HOTT. HOTTTTTTT. (And I hated “Borat,” too, Maurinsky.)

  7. Man, have I fallen asleep for the last five years in regards to what people are doing on MTV these days? I don’t watch television very often.

    The verdict: PRETTY HOT-T-T-T-T

    Last night I dreamed I saw “Borat”. Or was about to. I never have, in real life. COINCIDENCE??

  8. This was all over Spanish TV today. Didn’t hear a peep out of the Pope yet but the day is not over yet either.

  9. Brynn

    My grin is ear to ear right now!!! That was effing awesome and it just made my night!!! I’ve loved SBC since Borat, but now I’ll add Will Ferrell to my list of cool hotties.

  10. That was pretty friggin’ funny, but as a non-TV-guy I have to ask, W.T.P. were they holding?

  11. Brynn

    And speaking of hotties, great new pic, Liss!!!

  12. PortlyDyke

    You did that just to raise me out of my cynical funk, right?

    Biggest of big 🙂

  13. Melissa McEwan

    And speaking of hotties, great new pic, Liss!!!

    LOL! – Thanks. I snapped it while reading comments on The Virtual Pub last Friday.

    My old picture was really far too grinny for the bad news I’ve often got to deliver, so I wanted something more neutral.

  14. Aly

    Mah! And it just kept going and going and going…

  15. Angelos

    That’s some excellent silliness right there.

    Comedy is commitment!

  16. Cunning, those were MTV movie awards. They’re supposed to be boxes of popcorn like you got at the movies before they all changed to bags.

  17. oddjob


    God, how delightful! 😉

  18. car

    Fabulous! Had to watch it again, though, because I was laughing so hard I didn’t see all of it well. And then I had to watch it again because I blinked once. And then one more time again. And then when I emailed it to a friend I had to watch it to make sure my link worked. Um, and there must be another reason I have to watch it again…

  19. Arkades

    Wow. Um. I’m… not even sure what to say about that.

    Had never been a fan of either gentlemen before, but thanks to that scene I may have to rethink that. Even knowing it was a stagey thing between two straight men to get laughs, I have to applaud them going there.

    Plus, Hot!!

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