Dem Debate

The full transcript of the debate last night is here. Care of Petulant, here’s one important section of the debate on LGBT rights, including Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and same-sex marriage.

When Wolf asks who’s for the repeal of DADT and every hand on the stage went up, I got a chill down my spine. About damn time.

Aside: I vehemently disagree with John Edwards that there’s no role for the federal government when it comes to same-sex marriage, and here’s why.

UPDATE: Digby’s got a nice, concise review of the debate. Money Line: “I think any one of those guys, including Mike Gravel, would make a much better president than Rudy McRomney or Drop Dead Fred.” Agreed.



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9 responses to “Dem Debate

  1. I LOVED that they gave so much time to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. It was actually thrilling.

  2. I’m now starting to wish I’d watched the whole thing, instead of the last twenty minutes. When I’m done with teaching today, I’ll be spending some time on the Youtube, I guess.

  3. Evelyn

    Kucinich: “The Patriot Act has undermined civil rights in this country…”

    God, would someone teach these Dems how to frame things. They need lessons in how to talk to middle America. Take Kucinich’s remark. It’s absolutely correct. However, many Americans hear the words “civil rights” and they think, “bunch of minorities looking for an unfair advantage.” Of course that’s wrong and stupid. But I guarantee you that that’s the subliminal response of white middle America.

    What he should have said: “The Patriot Act has taken away our liberty, the freedom that our fathers died for. It has given the government powers to spy on you. It has turned the land of the free and the home of the brave into a Big Brother state.”

    See, doesn’t that make your blood a little warmer?

  4. My sharp analysis went something like this: “With the GOP I get the distinct smell of mothballs through the TeeVee. With the Dems it’s all about the Febreze. And that’s, well, refreshing.

    [We loves our Febreze in the Creature household!]

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  6. nightshift66

    I completely agree; the Dems always, always sound like wonks when speaking to the public. The trick is to be a wonk, but talk like a populist, at least in public. Bill Clinton did it amazingly well.

  7. Do we get a “word frequency use balloon” thingy (or whatever the frack you call it) for this one?

  8. Brynn

    I’m afraid I wasn’t impressed with Edwards’ waffling in this clip. He had a chance to stand up for same-sex marriage and he blew it. He actually introduced a Republican talking point: no one I know in favor of same-sex marriage is asking that churches be forced to sanction the unions!!

    I totally agree with Evelyn. In this case, Edwards–who should have been ready for this issue–could have said something like, “It’s a simple matter of fairness and equality: lesbian and gay unions deserve the full rights and protections afforded by civil marriage. Looking back, our descendants will wonder how we could have struggled so long before simply doing the right thing. If the Republican vice president can recognize and respect the relationship of his new grandchild’s parents, can we Democrats do less?”

    Leadership. Take the moral position, show that you mean it, and move on to issues like the war, the mess the Republicans have made of the economy, climate change, healthcare, and so on.

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