Daily Round-Up

Friday and the Weekend…

Melissa: Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

Melissa: Creature’s Corner

Melissa: Suxxx to be GOP

Melissa: Spiritual, Political, and Fucking Nutz

Spudsy: The Sleaziest Show on Earth

Melissa: Bye-Bye Bartlett

Brynn: Coming Out

Mustang Bobby: How They Blew It

Melissa: Friday Blogwhoring

Misty: Potter Wins Again!

Melissa: Booncing Bairn

Melissa: Happy Blogiversary

Spudsy: Well, at Least Americans Will be Comfortable

Melissa: News from Shakes Manor

Mustang Bobby: BTYFO

Melissa: Friday Cat Blogging

Melissa: Hey, SoCal Shakers

Waveflux: Graduating from Gestapo High

Melissa: Kevorkian: Out

Brynn: Workers of the World

Melissa: The Virtual Pub

Litbrit: Important Alert: Put Down That ToothAntifreeze Paste!

Mustang Bobby: All You Need is Loving

Kathy: Stuff You Just Can’t Make Up

Kathy: News Flash: Al Qaeda Tortures People

Waveflux: RIP Steve Gilliard

Melissa: Meet the Bloggers

Kathy: Condi and Dick and Iran

Kathy: The Strange Case of the Soviet Torture That Morphed Into “Interrogation”


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