Caption This Photo

The Cat Who Ate the Canary Country.

President Bush smiles as he is introduced to speak at the New Jersey Republican State Committee reception in Edison, New Jersey, May 30, 2007. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)


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22 responses to “Caption This Photo

  1. sundaytrucker

    president bush prepares to launch the classic “pull my finger” joke.

  2. “Nobody knows I wet my pants again!”

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen: Smarmy McSmarmsalot!

    (btw, thanks for making me wipe puke off my monitor!!)

  4. They’re probably watching me. Well, let them. Let them see what kind of a person I am. I’m not even going to swat that fly. I hope they are watching… they’ll see. They’ll see and they’ll know, and they’ll say, “Why, she wouldn’t even harm a fly…”

  5. Kate217

    I’m wearing my big-boy pants!

  6. Heh. Still Preznit.

    Bunch of damn fools.

  7. Damn lighting grip. got may halo off-center. I think there’s a spot opening up at Gitmo, ya duct-tapin bastard.

  8. I just farted, and everyone has to pretend I didn’t.

    It’s good to be the President.

  9. Ha Ha, everybody thinks it was that ass Cheney that farted.

  10. Yes, we’ve seen the sonogram, but Karl and I are keeping mum about the baby’s sex until he’s born.

  11. Doktor Wankenstein

    Sheer genuis, Fritz. You made my inner cine-geek chuckle.

  12. Not a caption, but… Two thirds of the pics I see of that guy, he’s sportin’ definite fartensmirkz.

    What’s up with that???

  13. “Where is that notebook to hide my stiffie when I need it?”

  14. SAP, I can has laffter!

  15. SAP


    And that one isn’t even my favorite.

  16. jeff

    “Aaaaah….I love these speshul O-Limpics photo ops….it’s the one time-o-the-year when Ih’m sure Ih’m the smartest person in the room!”

  17. jeff

    Karl’s gonna give me a cookie…Ih pronuncicated New-cue-lur right!

  18. jeff

    Wanna know why Ih love this pose? Because the whole time yer lookin’ at me, Ih’m diddling mah peaches with mah pinkie, and nobody can tell!

  19. Paen

    Boy am I drunk.

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