And the Hits Keep Coming…

Next up to the plate—John Gibson:

Last week, during a discussion of the “TB Man story,” Fox News anchor John Gibson declared that tuberculosis usually affects someone “from the third world” or who contracted “ooga booga fever” in “some godforsaken hellhole.”

Noting the criticism of his remarks from Media Matters and ThinkProgress, Gibson responded on the June 1 edition of his radio show.

Calling himself “the whitest man in America, who is the black man’s best friend,” Gibson said his comments were not racist because he had just “invented” the term.

…Later, Gibson contradicted himself, claiming he learned the phrase from reading Joseph Wilson’s book, which references Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. “So I, in making up ooga booga fever, I actually mispronounced the name of Burkina Faso. I should have said Ouagadougou fever.”

Uh huh.

I sure hope Gibson doesn’t come down with that terrible disease that usually affects the whitest men in America—Ballseatenbyabear Syndrome.

Don’t worry, Mr. Gibson. I just invented that!



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11 responses to “And the Hits Keep Coming…

  1. Regina

    Not only totally racist, but also factually incorrect.

    I got pulled into a the student clinic as the result of a public-health TB scare at my undergraduate university in Massachusetts, maybe 10 years ago.

    For pete’s sake, my grandmother had TB, and she was a little old
    white lady who lived outside Tampa, FL because her lungs couldn’t take Illinois winters anymore. And given her travel habits, it’s fair to say she contracted it right here in the U.S.

  2. Then he could change his name to Claude Balz.

  3. Melissa McEwan

    Then he could change his name to Claude Balz.

    LOL! Sick.

  4. Aly

    “The whitest man in America, who is the black man’s best friend,”

    Nice to know someone likes him! Is it just me, or does it sound like he’s talking about his pimps? Best friend… I don’t care who he’s talking about, it sounds like he’s talking about who owns him.

  5. Doktor Wankenstein

    Oh, I get it…

    “Ooga booga” is to “Ouagadougou” as “Macaca” is to “Mohawk”.

    White men can’t talk.

  6. Paen

    Fox news should have taken the name of a less inteligent animal.Personaly I would have called them sheep news.Dumb as posts,make lots of noise and smell real bad.

  7. White men can’t talk.


  8. Ballseatenbyabear Syndrome

    Comeon Sis! My people worship bears. (Supposedly I am descended from one.) I grew up with them and as voracious as they can be I refuse to believe they would eat something as rotten as that!

  9. amish451

    Joseph Wilson’s book … ooga booga ?

    I think more likely; Three Stooges, Abbott an Costello, Jerry Lewis …or perhaps John Gibson’s cousin Mel ….

  10. Keep digging, John!

  11. Doktor Wankenstein, if you think these people (and I do mean “these people”) have ever even once heard the name Ouagadougou so that they could confuse it with anything, you have too high an opinion of them.

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