News Flash: Al Qaeda Tortures People

James Taranto in the WSJ Opinion Journal on the lack of attention in the media to a report that Al Qaeda practices torture:

We also checked the blogs of Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Greenwald, among the most hysterical accusers of America in the “torture” debate, and here is what they have had to say about the al Qaeda documents: .

Cute, huh?

Here is Glenn’s response:

The thought of replying to Taranto’s “point” never even occurred to me. Taranto is baffled — and thinks he has discovered a highly revealing disparity — because it is news that the United States tortures people, whereas it is not news that Al Qaeda tortures people. What is there even to say about that? Why take up readers’ time responding to an “argument” that, completely on its own, provokes equal amounts of disgust and scornful laughter?


The reason that it is news that the U.S. tortures, but not news that Al Qaeda does, is because Al Qaeda is a barbaric and savage terrorist group which operates with no limits, whereas the U.S. is supposed to be something different than that. Isn’t it amazing that one even needs to point that out?

But neoconservatives and other Bush followers do not recognize that distinction and do not believe in it. They see an equivalency between the U.S. and Al Qaeda — since they do it, we are justified in doing it. And thus, based on that equivalency, they demand that the media treat stories of torture from the U.S. and Al Qaeda exactly the same, as though they are equally newsworthy.

Glenn also points us to Andrew Sullivan’s must-read post about the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” by the Nazis [but be warned: Andrew includes a graphic photograph of a torture victim]:

The phrase “Verschärfte Vernehmung” is German for “enhanced interrogation”. Other translations include “intensified interrogation” or “sharpened interrogation”. It’s a phrase that appears to have been concocted in 1937, to describe a form of torture that would leave no marks, and hence save the embarrassment pre-war Nazi officials were experiencing as their wounded torture victims ended up in court. The methods, as you can see above, are indistinguishable from those described as “enhanced interrogation techniques” by the president. As you can see from the Gestapo memo, moreover, the Nazis were adamant that their “enhanced interrogation techniques” would be carefully restricted and controlled, monitored by an elite professional staff, of the kind recommended by Charles Krauthammer, and strictly reserved for certain categories of prisoner. At least, that was the original plan.

Also: the use of hypothermia, authorized by Bush and Rumsfeld, was initially forbidden. ‘Waterboarding” was forbidden too, unlike that authorized by Bush. As time went on, historians have found that all the bureaucratic restrictions were eventually broken or abridged. Once you start torturing, it has a life of its own. The “cold bath” technique – the same as that used by Bush against al-Qahtani in Guantanamo – was, according to professor Darius Rejali of Reed College,

pioneered by a member of the French Gestapo by the pseudonym Masuy about 1943. The Belgian resistance referred to it as the Paris method, and the Gestapo authorized its extension from France to at least two places late in the war, Norway and Czechoslovakia. That is where people report experiencing it.

In Norway, we actually have a 1948 court case that weighs whether “enhanced interrogation” using the methods approved by president Bush amounted to torture. The proceedings are fascinating, with specific reference to the hypothermia used in Gitmo, and throughout interrogation centers across the field of conflict. The Nazi defense of the techniques is almost verbatim that of the Bush administration…



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13 responses to “News Flash: Al Qaeda Tortures People

  1. Apparently it’s important to realize that anything short of tea and sandwiches from the US is torture, but the (WARNING: PC STATEMENT) cerebral displacement from the “insurgents” is just the innocent reaction of a frightened human.

  2. From the (absolutely must read) Sullivan piece:

    Dreadful pain in the shoulders and wrists were the results of this treatment. Only laboriously the lung could be supplied with the necessary oxygen. The heart worked in a racing speed. From all pores the sweat penetrated.

    Was this a description of “stress positions” or crucifixion?

  3. oddjob

    Once again, the wingnuts prove they have absolutely no interest in preserving that which makes America a worthwhile country to be a part of, and no interest in preserving one of the best parts of America’s unique contribution to world history.

    No, the wingnuts are only interested in being worse than our torturing enemies.

  4. A crucified person dies when he can no longer support his body on the cross. Technically, the cause of death is suffocation. You try staying awake, upright for many hours with your feet and hands nailed to a cross. It is a very stressful position. Jesus reportedly died after about a dozen hours. Many were able to withstand the stress position for up to 24 hours. You can look it up as they say.

  5. Nik E Poo

    It seems, no one has a lower opinion of the US, than the Bush administration.

  6. Well, hey, I’m glad they’re pointing out the equivalence.

    I’m all for putting bin Laden in the same dock as Rumsfeld and Bush.

  7. oddjob


  8. Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    PtR left out Darth Cheney.

  9. PtR left out Darth Cheney.

    Not even bin Laden deserves that.

  10. bernarda

    phydeaux, on your quote, “Dreadful pain in the shoulders and wrists were the results of this treatment. Only laboriously the lung could be supplied with the necessary oxygen. The heart worked in a racing speed. From all pores the sweat penetrated.”

    It certainly is dreadful that the 101st Fighting Keyboarders have to suffer from this mistreatment.

  11. Yeah, bernarda, carpal tunnel can be quite uncomfor…. oh, wait! Were you trying to be snarky? Run and tell your masters that you put me in my place, like a good little drone. That’s it… go on!

  12. bernarda

    phydeaux, I don’t understand how you thought my comment was directed at you. It was ironic about the 101st in general, i.e. a third party, not you.

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