Suxxx to be GOP

Wah wah wah:

The Republican National Committee, hit by a grass-roots donors’ rebellion over President Bush’s immigration policy, has fired all 65 of its telephone solicitors, The Washington Times has learned.

Faced with an estimated 40 percent falloff in small-donor contributions and aging phone-bank equipment that the RNC said would cost too much to update, Anne Hathaway, the committee’s chief of staff, summoned the solicitations staff and told them they were out of work, effective immediately, fired staff members told The Times.

Naturally, a spokesperson for the RNC is denying that the terminations were a result of waning fundraising, saying, “Any assertion that overall donations have gone down is patently false.” It’s just that the phone bank equipment was old and crappy, you see. So just ignore the anonymous shit-canned employee behind the curtain reporting, “Last year, my solicitations totaled $164,000, and this year the way they were running for the first four months, they would total $100,000 by the end of 2007.”

Hogwash! says the spokesperson: “We continue to out-raise our Democrat counterpart by a substantive amount—nearly double.” Which might suggest that the problem with the phone bank was accounting, because it looks more like half.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee collected $4.6 million in April, more than double the NRSC’s $2.1 million in April contributions. What’s more, the Republican group spent about $60,000 more than it had received in donations, while using only $260,000 to pay its debt.

Overall, the NRSC’s total receipts of $9.1 million trails its Democratic counterpart’s total of $18.3 million since January.

That this story is in the Moonie Times might suggest that it’s a ploy to generate funds on behalf of the flailing RNC, except for the fact that the RNC comes off looking like total maroons, who pass only good news onto the White House and made “not criticizing” them a condition of the fired employees’ receiving severance pay.

Of course they did.

Wonkette reports: “Without the phone bank staff, the RNC will have rely entirely on their disgustingly wealthy large donors, along with the usual mix of craven fearmongering and criminality.” Back to basics, then.



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13 responses to “Suxxx to be GOP

  1. DBK

    That’s what happens when you have complete control of the government and use it to steal and screw up the country and do nothing good for anyone but yourselves.

  2. I love the way they fire the people doing the cold-calling when contributions drop. “It can never be our fault! We must blame a scapegoat!”

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  4. I second what Wally says. What a bunch of wankers.

  5. NonyNony

    I doubt they’re closing down the cold-call operation entirely. I suspect that they’ll just outsource it and give the company that takes the contract a percentage of donations as payment. That way they don’t have to maintain their own call center equipment. The fact that the RNC didn’t do this beforehand and spin the whole thing as a good business decision leads me to believe that this is a “scare story” for their wealthy base to let them know that they’re going to have to step up and give more.

  6. Arkades

    [RNC] made “not criticizing” them a condition of the fired employees’ receiving severance pay.

    Dontcha just luv the GOP commitment to free speech and all that jazz?

  7. Nik E Poo

    “Hi, I’m calling for the GO*click*P … er … hullo?”

  8. Nik E Poo: You’d be able to refrain from saying something to them?

    Well, maybe I’d be able to also, come to think. Because once I started in on the GOP-jerk who called me I’d never be able to stop.

  9. Gee, 65 disgruntled ex-RNC workers, and me without a microphone handy …

    Nah, they’d never rat out their ex-bosses. What was I thinking?

  10. nightshift66

    If I didn’t use Caller ID to duck such calls, I’d use my old telemarketer ploy: “Hang on a sec, OK?” and then put the phone down and walk away. Greatly reduces the number of people they can harrass in a day.

  11. Kate217

    You’d think that Anne Hathaway would have been able to increase their fundraising efforts. I mean, she must have seen a pretty penny from The Devil Wears Prada.

  12. NMRon

    Wonderful news!
    Unfortunately, all the rethug/ conservative/ libertarian enablers and fascist wannabes are simply going into denial that they bear responsibility for the destruction of the american constitution, american democracy or american lives. Like a festering cyst they’re simply below the surface waiting to rise again in some other guise to infect the body politic. It’s not rethugs, it’s conservative ideology that is morally, ethically and intellectually bankrupt.
    Sorry for the rant, but any positive news is simply a respite in the struggle against . . . well anyway never forget.

  13. Incidents like this suggest to me that the Republican party isn’t just battered but on the brink of disintegration. And that rerally is good news, because it means that the anti-democratic minority will be deprived of a power base, and will have to spend a few years scrambling to form a new one.

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