Booncing Bairn

Yesterday marked exactly five years since Mr. Shakes arrived in America. Since that time, we’ve not made it back to Blighty for a visit, much to our sadness. One of the things we missed was Papa Shakes (Scotland Edition)’s wedding to Mr. Shakes’ stepmum, who we’ve yet to meet in person—as well as her daughter, the stepsister Mr. Shakes, an only child, acquired in the deal. (Thank the fates for low-cost calling cards and email, anyway.) And now, we’ve got another member of the family to meet someday, too, because she’s just had a son.

Meet our new nephew, Evan Michael.

How cute is he?! Awww. Titchy wee cute thing!



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12 responses to “Booncing Bairn

  1. Allie

    So sweet! My new baby nephew’s an Evan too. I hope you get to meet Evan Michael soon – they don’t stay that size for long.

  2. Edo

    Congratulations to the Shakes clan!

  3. Hey, I’m Kevin Michael. He’s Evan Michael. Nice ring to it!

    Welcome to the world, kiddo. We’ll try to leave it in good shape for you. That’s what Shakesville is all about.

  4. Kelley

    Another Shaker is born! Raise him right, Auntie Lissy! Once we’re gone, he can continue to change the world for the better!

  5. nightshift66

    Fine looking lad, but when I glanced at the first picture, I thought the fingers behind his head were his EARS and was going to razz Mr. Shakes about his English genes. Now, I have to razz myself about my failing eyesight. 😉

  6. Melissa McEwan

    when I glanced at the first picture, I thought the fingers behind his head were his EARS

    The first time I looked at that picture, I thought the same thing for a moment!

    Then I realized what was going on, and I thought: “My word, that boy’s head is small!” Then I added to my thought: “Or…my word, his father’s hands are large!”

    I haven’t gotten “baby stats,” so I’m not sure which it is yet, lol.

  7. SAP

    So cute!

    I’m waiting for my niece to appear, myself. My sister-in-law is expecting her first sometime this fall.

  8. Congratulations!!! Little cutie!!! (I thought those were ears at first, too!!)

  9. So cutey cute cute.

  10. tank top

    Awww bless!

    Congrats 😀

    Now tell me;
    Is it Uncle Iain and Aunt Melissa, or Uncle and Aunty Shakes????

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