Question of the Day

What’s your favorite activity that costs no money?


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65 responses to “Question of the Day

  1. That’s easy. Writing.

  2. A good walk. In this spring weather? And I live right beside the Salem MA Common? Man, it’s beautiful…

    Even in winter, too, if you can find your footing in the notoriously un-shoveled sidewalks.

  3. PortlyDyke

    Reading, reading, and reading.

    I also love visiting my public library, primarily because of the books, but also because: the librarians are funny and smart, the children’s section is always full of amazing tykes who are just discovering books, and it is housed in a wonderful old building with creaky floors and towering ceilings.

  4. cyrki

    At home, it’s lay in the hammock under the trees and read a good book, a magazine or do crosswords.

    If there’s gas in the car, we can pack a picnic lunch and go down to the creek, where the water is icy cold on a hot summer day. Find a flat rock, stick your feet in the water, listen to some tunes or talk.

  5. micheyd


    No, really. It rocks!

  6. Rin

    My guilty pleasure: reading fanfiction. :o)

  7. Reading, and (especially) commenting on, posts here at Shakesville! 😀 That and writing.

  8. Allie

    Riding my bike on the lake shore bike path in Chicago. I guess it did cost initially for the bike, but now it’s free right?

  9. katecontinued

    Making things out of stuff I find or have on hand. It is a kind of art; that is, tramp art, conceptual art, objet trouvé, wev . . . The idea is spontaneous, free expression and / or re-purposing. I find a real joy in just moving with the spirit. Projects requiring precision craftsmanship feel like work. (I am not opposed to quality craftsmanship, its just not the experience I am describing.)

    Second to this is writing. My favorite writing includes attaching graphic elements. I am unskilled in blogdom, so I miss this aspect.

  10. bluestockingsrs

    Yeah, it may just the lack of sex that has persisted as of the last year… but I am going with sex.

    Followed very closely by reading.

    Or playing Scrabble.

  11. Rob_in_Hawaii

    With the ocean in every direction here on this island, “I like go beach!”

  12. Yeah, sex is up there. Long walks. Smooching. Cuddling.

    And definitely dancing, though you must do it like no one is watching.

  13. Betsy

    Well, I suppose I have to rate sex first. But closely followed by hiking/walking, whether in the city, the woods, or on the beach. I love being outside.

  14. Sex.

    Playing cards.

    Practicing witchcraft.

    Playing computer games.


    Making crafty things.


  15. Sitting in the dark killing Lampyridae or eating a box of cheez-its.

  16. mamajane

    PortlyDyke, I am so with you on the library. My kids and I are high volume users! We visit at least twice a week. Our library system has an awesome movie collection, so we’ve barely rented any movies for several years now. Since we’re in a small town, the librarians know us, and what our interests are, and are always making suggestions for the boys and me. They’re always putting on special (free) events, which turn out to be THE hot nights out in our little community.

    We also go hiking a lot. Our beautiful island is full of parks and trails, including several off-leash parks and beaches where we can take the pups.

    Sex is a favorite pastime too, but not getting much these days with hubby-poo deployed.

  17. Biking, singing, and sex. NOT necessarily in that order. 😉

  18. I forgot playing “Go”. I’m also a fan of gin rummy.

  19. jeff

    I have a favorite tree….It’s an enormous Osage Orange tree, with a trunk that’s about eight feet in diameter. Extending out at the base is a mass of tangled roots that make perfect seat to sit in the shade and enjoy a breeze on a hot humid day. It’s on the grounds of a colonial mansion that is a regional park. There is also a barn on the grounds that has been converted and operates as leased art studio space. Very few people know the tree is there, so it is a great place for quiet reflection. There is something about the tree that gives me comfort….I guess it seems ageless…like it has been there through centuries of strife, and periods of peace. It makes me think that whatever problems I am facing, they are insignificant compared to what this tree has seen. I know it probably sounds stupid, but it works for me.

  20. Nik E Poo

    First off, holy shit is making love a gimme. After that … its a long windy road, over hill and dale … requiring re-fueling and bathroom breaks … until you get to the number two slot.

    After that, things tend to bunch together and jockey for position based on mood/circumstance … including, but not limited to:

    – drinking in nature (a flower, breeze, vista, etc)
    – making another human being giddy when they least expect it
    – an intense, vigorous workout
    – tinkering around with Nik E Poo’s TOE (Theory of Everything)
    – blogging with y’all

  21. Well, I just posted on this last week!

    In brief,

    Sunday morning, when nobody is awake and the sun is just barely rising, I love to go outside with my coffee and listen to the birds. Sunday is really the only day they can truly be appreciated because on Sunday most people sleep in, so it is very quiet, and there are no delivery trucks, school buses etc….

    Oh yeah and sex…… but those of you who read my site know I haven’t been getting any of that since late February.

    le sigh

  22. pidomon

    I guess masturbating while playing scrabble with a side of Gin Rummy and doing the crossword puzzle. I’m a great multitasker!

    Serioulsy what I love doing that costs no money is remembering my Mom, talking to my Dad and Sisters and just remebering how lucky I really am.

    A lot of times things seem like they suck but as Ma said to me after I broke my elbow “Well if that’s the worse thing that happens to you today, you’re having a pretty good day”

    Words to live by

  23. What is this “sex” of which you people speak? I have a vague memory of it… and that it was indeed fun.

  24. beatgrl

    singing and playing music with my friends
    reading (the public library is where it’s at!)
    and, yes, masturbating

  25. pidomon

    i think we have a “theme” happening here people LOL

  26. Sleep. Deep, blissful sleep. Ahhhhhzzzzzzz.

  27. pidomon

    Speaking of sleep……time for me to go off to it.
    Take care all

  28. pidomon

    SLEEP I mean Jeesh what are u poeple thinking?

  29. Jeesh what are u poeple thinking?

    Sex iz funner! 8^P

  30. jack white costs me no money now since I got my money’s worth about two years ago.

    and i luv the fuck outta him.

    he’s like an involuntary penetration, but you can’t exactly call it rape.

  31. it’s more of an involunatry intramuscular chaos.

  32. Pretty tough to think about.

    Same boy you’ve always known.

    So put it in your basket.

  33. Anyone who’s in the know says
    that’s exactly how it goes.

    and I’m the only one who knows.

  34. Masturbation.

    Hell, even sex costs money nowadays!

  35. metalsguy

    Sleep. Hands down.

    (I’d say sex, but it has been so long since I’ve made the beast with one back, I’ve forgotten what it’s like.)

  36. Daydreaming

    (Freudian typo, inspired by all the sex and masturbation talk: I initially typed “daycreaming”)

    I can while away the hours fantasizing about paths not taken, what I would do if…., what it would be like to be someone else, what I could be doing right at this moment if I didn’t have a job, what I will write about in my next book, what my next husband will be like, and then we’re back to masturbation again.

  37. Oh yeah and sex…… but those of you who read my site know I haven’t been getting any of that since late February.

    Late February? That’s only three months ago! You lucky bastard!

    What is this “sex” of which you people speak? I have a vague memory of it… and that it was indeed fun.

    There you go. A kindred soul.

  38. tas

    Masturbation, writing, and writing about masturbation.

  39. Lying in bed awake before first light, when the birds begin to chirp. Just being, while the light changes from black to gray to first signs of sunshine. But when the bird stop chirping, most of the fun’s already gone out of it.

    Lying in bed with my black and white fluffy kitty Mystic on top of me, right up at my face. Staring into each other’s eyes, while she stretches out her right paw, and places it on my chin.



    Being with my daughter, who in four months will be legally beyond the boundary of childhood. (Waaaah)

  40. Where is Konagod?

  41. In my world, having sex is SO third-rate when compared to making love. Ask me if you’re curious.

    Being currently solo, I’ll have to settle for frequent sessions of bouldering, which is about as much fun as I can have with (some of) my clothes on!

  42. Well, guess the linkey-trick doesn’t work here…

  43. Hippodameia

    Dog-walking, followed by bicycling and gardening.

  44. Kym

    Riding my new bike. It’ll be even better when I’m not so out of shape. 😛

  45. In my world, having sex is SO third-rate when compared to making love. Ask me if you’re curious.

    Agreed. And having neither is sixth-rate. 😉

  46. Sartre

    I know exactly what you’re saying, jeff. That would translate to a scene here at Balboa Park in San Diego. But, I am truly at peace with the universe when I can sit on the shore of a dimly lit beach at night and take in the ocean’s mystery and capacity, its liberation of me and intimidation of me, its immediate tangibility and its never-endingness. The crisp smell of sand and salt and the foamy, swirling and loud black waves beckon something deeply instinctual inside of me.

  47. Misty

    Sex turned out to be expensive for me–four kids and all. 😉

    I love reading, having people over (have them bring a potluck dish and it’s fairly cheap to host!), packin’ up the kids and dog and going to the beach for walks/scenery, listening to music, snuggling up in bed and listening to the rain fall…

    I love having a hot cup of tea on an early summer morning (when it’s still cool and quiet out) or in the autumn evening.

  48. PortlyDyke

    Oh, CunningR! Thanks for the reminder about bouldering! I’m getting my climbing shoes out and heading for the beach tomorrow. I had nearly forgotten about this singularly satisfying free activity.

    I guess I left out sex/making love because I had ass-you-me-d that Sis was asking about an activity that I had to do alone.

    Masturbation is fabulous, and I encourage all to explore it thoroughly, but, I must confess, my partner does me so much better than I do (is that both great and sad at the same time?) that I rarely think about the one-hand-nasty much anymore.

    I scratched scrabble for the same reason (thought it had to be something that I did “on my own”). But I would list it as one of the great free pleasures.

    And to my region-sharer Mamajane — I’m sending up my dyke-ly prayers for your mate’s safe return — and the fabulous love-making you’ll experience when s/he returns!

  49. Fran

    Sleep is my most favoritest thing in the world, especially since I have a baby and I get little of it. But since I’m awake more often than not, I would say my next favorite thing to do that costs nothing is solitaire. I play waaaay too much of it.

  50. Sleep is my favorite, followed closely by Not Writing. That’s like writing, only, y’know, not. ’cause I keep fucking around with the setting when I’m stuck and get all obsessive-compulsive-like with the details. Did you know that ‘high elf’ is a mistranslation of a term meaning ‘elves who live above the surface?’ Okay, that’s only in my own very personal fantasy world that nobody’s ever seen, but still. It is.

    *nods* Yup.

  51. metalsguy

    Aside from sweet, sweet unconsciousness: singing. Finding that one song that perfectly fits your mood at the time and singing, singing with your eyes closed, crooning as if you were performing in a smoky little bar at 2 AM for a few hard-core drinkers who felt the same way you do. And when you hit that last note, you open your eyes and you see that you’ve connected with your audience; their eyes were closed also.

  52. Definitely reading books from the public library. I keep a little notebook with me and write down books that people mention (or, um, that are mentioned on blogs I read.) I also love just walking the shelves and picking out books that my hands fall on – I’ve found some completely unexpected treasures that way.

    A close second … dancing!

  53. Flirting!

    then reading, writing and chatting with friends and enemies…

  54. Sleeping! Everything in this town costs a bleedin bomb. Sex. What’s that? Read about it, probably done it more than once but I can’t remember when or where. One of the real joys of old age. You can’t remember all the times you fucked up.

  55. Goss

    A nice round of disc golf. Free after you buy the discs, and everyone in the family can participate. Also, reading books from the public library. Oh, and playing with my grandchildren………

  56. MR. Bill

    Sex (and I’m getting plenty, he bragged), reading (and I’m a rereader, having trained self to read so fast I really need to go back and savor..and I reread “Lord of the Rings:” every couple of years (takes about two weeks)(yeah, I’m that big a nerd) and walking. And I live close enough to a TVA lake that I can swim swim swim.

    And I have a suggestion for ‘Q of the Day’: “What’s your favorite book that no one has probably ever heard of?” (I’m saving my answer…)

  57. carol

    Spending time with my family.

    Sorry, but it’s true. Hokey, but true. We live next door to the public library, and go there a lot. And we don’t have cable, so we play board games and actually go on walks together and stuff. My kids do a lot of painting and writing and reading and pretending. I’m very fortunate.

  58. via

    If it cost money at one time, does it still count? I love to meditate by sitting in a spot in the living room where I can see most of the first floor of our house. It is filled with things that we have collected over the years, just because we loved them, not to match a decorating scheme. It gives me such pleasure to sit and observe them and remember and dream about the future.

  59. I, too, like the singing of the songs. Everything else I can come up with a scenario of how it costs money. Songs I can make up right out of my own head, if I have to. 🙂

  60. Awright, label me the freak. I like cuddling more than sex.

    And I also enjoy readin’ the blogs, walking around downtown or broadripple and people-watching, and occasionally when nobody’s watching, cranking up the radio and dancing like some kind of maniac that actually has the ability to dance.

  61. SAP


    * reading blogs

    * writing in my own blog

    * singing

    * reading books

    This sex thing that everyone is talking about sounds like fun, though. I’ll have to try it sometime.

  62. Jersey

    Midgetqueen, me too on the cuddling thing. Not that I have any qualms about sex but snuggling (and laughing together) is much better. Spring walks smelling the flowers and sleeping follow closely behind.

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